Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Gamecast: Cubs at Pirates (June 7, 2010)

Carlos Silva (7-0, 3.12) vs. Dana Eveland (3-4, 6.45)

The Cubs head back to Pittsburgh to see if they can at least salvage a game in this "series" that was extended because of a rainout.  Although it doesn't have as much draw as the "Z Returns" headline this game originally had, today the Cubs will feature a pitcher that has to be considered "ace-like" for the staff so far in terms of his results.  Silva's success this season is demonstrated by his record, and he hopes to keep it up today.

The only other real headline for this game is just how much the Pirates have owned the Cubs this year.  This is a very big swing from last year, and hopefully one the Cubs can rectify with a win today.

Theriot will once again be in the leadoff spot with Baker at 3B and Xavier Nady patrolling Right Field.  Maybe Theriot gets a walk again.  Who knows... I'm dreaming big.

Still on hold until I see some sort of sustained success from a Cubs player.  This will likely be active tomorrow.  I need to just start finding exciting news about Cubs players that is worthwhile putting here.

Can the Cubs shake the Pirates hold on domination over them?  We will see.  Most importantly, what do you want to see this lineup do today? 

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