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Regarding the No-No (Game Recap: Cubs 1, White Sox 0)

After Armando Galarraga was robbed of his shot at a perfect game, many fans argued over whether or not Bud Selig should step in and overturn Jim Joyce's clearly incorrect call.

I had a conversation about that very subject with a very close friend of mine, a fellow baseball enthusiast who has studied the game since his early childhood. It didn't take long for us to realize that we agreed wholeheartedly on the matter: Selig should not overturn the call.

There's a reason perfect games and, to a lesser extent, no-hitters are such an epic accomplishment -- they're really hard to pull off. You've got to overcome every variable in the game, both those that are under your control, and those that are not.

Ted Lilly came within three outs of a no-hitter last night. Heck, Gavin Floyd was right there through six innings, too. But after Floyd faltered, Lilly managed to keep his bid going, all the way up until the top of the ninth inning.

And that's when the rain started to really come down. Kudos to MLB and ESPN for skipping that commercial break between the eighth and ninth innings. And kudos to the umpires for keeping the teams on the field.

If only God could have gotten in on the act, too.

Would Lilly's pitch selection against Juan Pierre have changed had the heavens not threatened to pull the plug on his no-hit bid? Almost certainly, yes. But that's what makes the no-hitter so special.

Bravo to you, Ted, for giving it your best shot. It was really fun to watch.

Ted Lilly

got really lucky. In fact, the Cubs were lucky to win that game. Floyd allowed a lot fewer balls in play and Lilly also allowed a ton of fly balls. Realistically, he should have allowed about 6 hits and a HR and around 3-4 runs. I'm sorry to say but while I was sitting there watching the game, that's all I could think about.

P.S.-Unless you fan around 18 batters or so along with 5 ground balls you have to get lucky to throw a no hitter every time but Lilly was going to have to be exceptionally lucky. He only fanned 3 batters!

And I quote:

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