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Welcome back, Aramis. (Game Recap: Cubs 4, Rockies 2)

Who knew Aramis Ramirez could still hit?

Three RBI for the day, including a deep shot "into the night," as Lenny Kasper called it, ending this one in the bottom of the 11th inning. I actually thought he skied it when he hit it, but apparently he really REALLY skied it -- enough to get it out of the park.

Starlin Castro had three hits -- all singles -- and a stolen base against Miguel Olivo, who is apparently quite good at picking off base runners.

But about those singles: I think it's likely that the home run Castro blasted in his debut was the last homer we'll see from him for a long while. The kid doesn't have an extra-base knock since his first game. I think he'll hit plenty of doubles this year -- his first inning liner almost gave him a two-bagger -- but he's got a ways to go before he can afford to start swinging for the fences again.

Tyler Colvin had a hit and a walk, and also struck out once. He now has 17 strikeouts on the season to go against his seven walks; in contrast, Castro has five walks, against two strikeouts.

Derrek Lee had a rough night. These things happen I guess.

Most folks were fairly outstanding on the pitching side for the Cubs. Kudos to Lou for using Marmol in the high leverage situation -- bases loaded, one out -- instead of saving his "closer" for a "save situation." I suppose that's kind of an easy decision, but not every manager would have gone that way. Which is sad. Also, Marmol was nasty again. Surprise surprise.

You know who else was nasty? Sean freakin' Marshall. I'd encourage any and all fans arguing that we trade Marsh to stop what they're doing and re-evaluate their positions. Marshall is a control guy, not a flame-thrower, so he could have a really long career of throwing junk all over the corners of the plate.

In 20.1 innings pitched this season, Sean Marshall has allowed 11 hits, and given up just three unintentional walks, to go with 27 (!!!) strikeouts. DAMN.

Kudos also to Randy Wells, for another solid start. Also John Grabow sucks.

And now Z is eventually headed back to the rotation? Whatever that means. I suppose we'll see what happens.

Cubs win, oh yeah, get excited.

I tell you what, i'm really

I tell you what, i'm really liking Byrd... was just reading his comments from yest, and he's like our own Duncan Keith or something. What a f'ing catch he made. He and Marshall are the sneaky MVPs if we end up doing something/anything

Marlon Byrd has turned out to

Marlon Byrd has turned out to be an outstanding free agent signing. He's making $3 million this year, $5.5 mil next year, and only $6.5 mil in 2012. Definitely tradeable if we decide we want to get younger in a hurry.

Kinda sickening to think Nady is making more than Byrd this season...

It's also kind of sickening

It's also kind of sickening that John Grabow is getting paid...at all!


He had two really nice outings after coming back from "rest" and MRIs --- then, garbage again. Whatever responded to the rest must have gotten re-stressed.

Maybe he needs to rest for the remainder of the season??

I doubt anyone

I doubt anyone felt Starlin Castro was Babe Ruth after his first game. Well, some people did, but I doubt they read this blog. I think Castro will end up around 5 HR but he makes such good contract and has good speed and hits so many line drives, he's going to hit between .300-.320. I originally thought he'd hit around .280 but it's apparent that was undershooting his ability. If he can continue to walk anywhere near where he has so far, he might have an OBP close to .400. Not a bad rookie year for a 20 year old.

"If he can continue to walk

"If he can continue to walk anywhere near where he has so far, he might have an OBP close to .400"

You do realize that all of his walks were straight balls thrown to the guy hitting in front of the pitcher, right? So maybe you want to update that to "if teams keep intentionally walking him to face the pitcher he might have an OBP close to .400"?

Or does that not fit into your 'must toss unbridled praise upon everyone at all times' rule?

Only two IBBs by my count,

Only two IBBs by my count, three unintentionals, still more of those than he has Ks.

I also don't seem him posting an OBP anywhere near .400.

In his 5 walks he has seen 21

In his 5 walks he has seen 21 Balls, one of which he fouled off, and 0 strikes.

Its common for hitters batting in front of the pitcher.

You watch a lot of Cub games?

You watch a lot of Cub games? Or is that on Yahoo! somewhere?

Well, both really. Not sure

Well, both really. Not sure about Yahoo specifically, but you can find evidence of it on his Baseball-Reference page and such. He has walked on four "3-0 count" situations and one "3-1 count".

But like I said, its common. NL hitters in the 8 spot have the third highest BB rate (11.0%) this season so far (following 3rd at 12.0% and 5th at 11.9%) and are generally right up there with the heart of the order at the end of the year despite generally being a poor hitter. The NL 8 spot almost always has the first or second highest amount of IBB as well. Its an ideal spot to break kids into the league.

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