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Cajuns are easy. (Game Recap: Cubs 1, Rangers 2)

...Targets, that is.

The Cubs could only score one run in yesterday's game, so the loss is on the offense. But Font and Riot both managed to make terrible throws on the same play in the bottom of the fourth inning, putting Ian Kinsler on third with no outs in front of the Rangers' heavy hitters. So let's gripe about how Fontenot shouldn't be playing third base, and Theriot is a dummy.


In all honesty, Font has done a respectable job backing up Ramirez at third, and Theriot has done a stand-up job at second so far this season. It's more unfortunate than it is legitimately concerning.

OK, I really just wanted to title this post, "Cajuns are easy." You caught me.

So about the offense, then. The Cubs had a few chances to score some runs yesterday, and some of our most reliable hitters thus far this year were unable to capitalize:

- In the first, Soriano and Byrd both struck out swinging with runners on first and second. I should mention here that I actually liked Lou's call for the sacrifice bunt (assuming he called for it, and Theriot wasn't just improvising), putting a man in scoring position for our middle of the order dudes. Early leads are good to have.

- First and third with no out in the second, only to have Geo Soto GIDP. A run did come home, but there were other outcomes -- notably, a base hit -- that could have turned a small lead into a potentially serious rally.

- Top eight, men on second and third with two out. Font struck out looking.

OK, so three legitimate chances to score. It's hard to really hoot and holler about a game like this; the breaks just didn't go the Cubs' way, and so we lost.

Nice to see Ted Lilly pitch well, though. Three walks is kind of a lot for him, but no home runs allowed, and a handful of strikeouts to boot are redeeming factors. Two earned runs in 6.2 innings pitched in Texas -- yeah, I'll take that every time out.

And Z pitched 1.1 innings. Hey, if Lou had pulled Lilly after five and put Z in then, we might have had ourselves the first attempt at pairing starters.

But oh well Cubs lose that sucks wah wah.

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