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Sweeps are hard. (Game Recap: Cubs 3, Cardinals 4)

Last night's game was the quintessential example of why it's so hard to sweep a three-game series against a major league team.

The Cubs managed to score three runs against Cardinal starter Chris Carpenter, which is at least two more runs than I expected them to get. And Cub starter Ryan Dempster was equally effective at keeping the Cardinal offense at bay -- even though Albert Pujols went yard again (third time in his last, like, four at-bats against Demp).

This one came down to the bullpens, and when you've won two games in a row, you probably have fewer relief options than you did two days earlier. That was indeed the case for the Cubs last night, as Sean Marshall and Carlos Marmol were each limited to one inning, while Andrew Cashner was completely unavailable.

Let me tell ya -- Cashner/Marshall/Marmol is a super end-game trio (and their last names are eerily similar; should we call them Carshol?). But beyond those three, the Cubs don't have many options. Of course, it'd be a different story if Angel Guzman were healthy, and likewise if Jim Hendry had signed Matt Capps instead of John Grabow. But instead, we have Bob Howry and Brian Schlitter, who took the loss last night, allowing the home run to Felipe Lopez in the 11th that would decide the game.

Anybody wanna try and guess what my favorite moment from last night's game was?


Why do the Cubs suck at baserunning? I mean there is no way Colvin should have been thrown out. How many times have Cubs runners been caught stealing or running when it made no sense to run?

I think that was a steal

I think that was a steal attempt on a 3-1 count, and I think Castro took a fastball that he thought was a ball. If he had recognized it as a strike, I think he would have swung, and Colvin wouldn't have been thrown out. Botched hit and run, I suppose you could call it.

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