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Open Forum (Game Recaps: Cubs 1, Cards 1)

So we've split the first two games. Randy Wells looked awful (and bullpen-bound?) in his start, and Carlos Silva struck out 11 in seven innings (not bullpen-bound) in his.

Whether the Cubs win or lose this series, it'll feel a heckuva lot more important that it actually is. But screw sensibility; let's win on Sunday and ride the momentum all the way to the freakin' pennant! 

How 'bout y'all readers contribute to this here combined recap? What are your favorite moments from the past two games?

My favorite moment of this

My favorite moment of this series so far: the end of the third inning yesterday, when Silva had 7 strikeouts, and everyone collectively thought (or at least I did) "wait, that means he's on pace for 21 for the game, could he break Kerry Wood's record?"

Of course, he only got 4 the rest of the game, not 14, but still, it was exciting while it lasted.

I had the same thought for a

I had the same thought for a quick moment. Then I switched back to Spike to watch Star Wars, and was reminded of how Silva looks like Jabba.

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