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We don't have an offense! (Game Recap: Cubs 3, Astros 4)

Ted Lilly got his first hit of the season in the bottom of the fifth inning yesterday, and Darlin' Starlin Castro (oh, he is just so darlin' indeed) drove him in with a double to left field to give the Cubs the game's first run. Unfortunately, Pedro Feliz would later tie the game, on a solo shot in the top of the eighth. The Cubs' failure to score in the bottom of the eighth suggested the game could be headed for some late inning drama.

Then this happened:

Bottom 9, man on 2nd, no outs; K, 1B, pop fly to center, K.
Bottom 10, bases loaded, one out; K, fly out to left.
Bottom 11, 1st and 2nd with one out; fly out, fly out.

Bob Howry came in to pitch the 12th, allowed two singles to lead off, and had to be relieved by James Russell, who got Michael Bourn out, and then Jeff Stevens, who gave up a double to Jason Michaels which drove in two runs. Then other things happened, but that's the important stuff.

Here's a thought: without a hit from Ted Lilly, the Cubs may have been shut out by the Astros yesterday.

Who's the goat on offense? There are plenty of candidates, but Tyler Colvin went 0-for-6 overall, and looked over-matched at times. He struck out to end the ninth, and flied out to end the game.

Colvin's a mistake hitter with great bat speed and excellent power -- not a lead-off man. You know, it's not his fault the team lost yesterday, but putting him in the spot in the lineup that gets the most plate appearances in a game might be pushing it. Furthermore, the only argument I've heard against putting Castro in the leadoff spot is that he's too young, and should be coddled and allowed to develop. Along those same lines, are there any reasons why Tyler Colvin should be leading off?

First we're not playing Colvin enough, then we're playing him too much. I dunno, maybe I'm just a whiner. Anyways, go Cubs, etc.!

Geo should be leading off-

Geo should be leading off- there's no real reason, outside of crotchety tradition, why he shouldn't. But the odds of that happening on lou's watch are <= 0.

I was about to respond by

I was about to respond by saying, "He's slow, and a catcher shouldn't be at the plate so often," but now I'm thinking (1) who cares if he's slow and (2) what's the difference between four and five at-bats?

I think I agree with you.

It's a decent point about the

It's a decent point about the extra plate appearances- I'd never thought of that.

I doubt Soto will ever be a leadoff hitter for the Chicago Cubs (highly doubt Sandberg would do this, or whatever manager Hendry hires). I'm hoping that they can settle him into the #2 slot though.

Regarding Castro, I don't think he walks enough yet. Maybe he can develop that, but it isn't there yet. There is no high OBP guy on the team outside of Soto.

There is no correct answer, as Theriot's .320 OBP is not the answer. And Colvin just hit a home run. Wasted because Lou has him at leadoff- in truth Colvin is probably a worse option than Theriot, I think his OBP is actually lower. It gets him more at bats, but that is about it. Colvin should be a 5,6,7 hitter.

It's a decent point about the

Double post.

The Lead Off Man

- Hey AJ

I just registered on GR.org, but I've been reading it on and off since the season started. I've been a Cubs fan since I could walk, but everyone has that story so I'll save it. Anyway, about the lead off man...I know you didn't directly say it, but yall were hinting at Castro leading off. Doesn't he hit for too much power? I mean, he doesn't hit the ball out of the park, but he's consistantly hitting doubles (has the ability to drive in runs). Plus, as he develops he'll continue to get stronger. I think he's an ideal 2 hitter. I know yall have crazy stats that you come up with, so I guess I'm asking you to tell me why he should be a lead off hitter.

- Thanks

Matt - I'm glad you

Matt -

I'm glad you registered; I hope you comment more often now that you've got a username and all!

The reason I think Castro should be leading off is because he's one of the team's best in terms of getting on base. On this team, that actually isn't saying much, but having said that, who's a better candidate? Not Colvin; batting him leadoff is like batting Alfonso Soriano leadoff. Lee's average is too low, and Aramis has too much power to be moved up. Maybe Marlon Byrd?

In short, my argument is less about Starlin's superior on-base skills, and more about the lack of those skills throughout the remainder of the roster. Does that make sense?

Again, thanks for registering.

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