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We have an offense! (Cubs 14, Astros 7)

FOR THE SEASON, Geovany Soto has the 12th-highest OPS in ALL of major league baseball, with a .293/.412/.516 line.

In 21 games since coming off the DL in late June, Aramis Ramirez is hitting.354/.393/.817. Yes, that's an .817 SLUGGING percentage.

In the month of July, Starlin Castro is hitting .362/.413/.552. He's sporting a .295 average on the season. How many 20-year olds have hit .300 in the history of MLB?

In the six games since the All-Star Break, Derrek Lee is hitting .423/.444/.692. It's one thing to get to face Phillies and Astros pitching; it's another to make something of the opportunity.

These four were the offensive stars in last night's game. Obviously, the headlines go to Aramis Ramirez, who hit three home runs and drove in seven runs. Just like that, Ramirez has 15 HR on the season, good for a .452 slugging percentage (only Soriano, Soto, Colvin and Byrd have better SLGs on the year). But Soto's game-tying home run, Castro's 3-for-5 with 2 R, 1 RBI, and an SB, Lee's 3 R and 3 RBI on a 2-for-4 night -- this is exciting stuff! I actually like playing the Astros again!

On the other side of the ball, Ryan Dempster did not pitch well last night, although allowing four earned runs in five innings pitched doesn't exactly constitute a meltdown. At the same time, he was extremely hittable (eight allowed), and couldn't strike anyone out (1 K, 4 BB).

Fortunately, our bullpen came through, pitching four shutout innings. Andrew Cashner took the 6th and 7th, Marshall handled the 8th, and Marmol pitched the 9th despite the team's seven-run lead. Marmol only got one K, but my favorite bullpen stat of the night: of 23 pitches thrown in the 6th, 7th, and 8th innings, 20 went for strikes.

I much prefer an Aramis Ramirez with two good thumbs to one with just one. One thumb bad, two thumbs good! For the record, we still oughta be sellers (and it does sound like Lilly and Theriot will be moved in the next seven days, while Fukudome, Nady and Lee are looking like longer shots). But maybe it'll be fun in the meantime!

Go Cubs!

Why oh Why?!!!

Why, oh Why can't they do this against the Pirates. (I can't believe I just said that!)

I just looked. The Cubs only

I just looked. The Cubs only have a winning record against four of the teams they've played this season: the Diamondbacks, Rockies, Phillies, and Brewers. They're 3-7 against Cincinnati, and yes, just 3-9 against the Pirates.

The Georgia Peach

Ty Cobb hit .350 as a 20 year old. Castro sucks for not being as good a hitter as Ty Cobb!

Other interesting 20 year olds:

Al Kaline hit .340
Robin Yount hit .252
Alan Trammell hit .268
Arod hit .358
Miguel Cabrera hit .268

I was just doing this all based on my memory of some people who played baseball in the majors at 20.

I believe Castro, in his prime, is going to put up several .350/.410/.520 type lines. And play gold glove level defense. And steal 40-50 bases. The Cubs should sign him to a 12 year contract at about 8-10 Million per year. Today.

If they are signing him for

If they are signing him for that long of a time after two months in the majors, they'd better be getting an even deeper discount on his services. You discount the possibility of injury, Sayers. Maybe a 5 year deal with 3 or 4 team options tacked onto the end.

Well done. This comment is an

Well done. This comment is an absolute gem.


Ryne Sandberg has come out and said that he is ready to manage the Cubs. Why am I reminded the SNL with Tobey Maguire? You know the one with the Celebrity Jeopardy where Maguire plays Keanu Reeves, and says, "I know Kung Fu." Will Farrell as Alex Trebeck retorts, "No you don't!!"

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