Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Feast, famine, and the Cubs (Game Recaps: Cubs 12, Angels 13)

I owe you two recaps: one for a blowout loss, and one for a blowout win. Let's go with the revisionist's take on the weekend, and only highlight the Cubs that impressed.

- Carlos Zambrano. Seven innings, eight hits, just one walk, and seven strikeouts. Brilliant. This is what we want from our bull-like horse-pitcher.
(I guess that makes him a minotaur? Kurt, photoshop please?)

- Andrew Cashner, Carlos Marmol, and - yes - John Grabow each pitched a scoreless inning of relief. Marmol struck out two of the four batters he faced.

- Derrek Lee went 2-for-7 over the two days, driving in four runs.

- Actually, Tyler Colvin was the only other Cub to drive in more than one run, with two RBIs on Sunday via pinch-hit single. (He went 0-for-4 with a strikeout on Saturday, but who's counting?)

- Ryan Theriot went 3-for-4 on Sunday, and 0-for-1 on Saturday.

- Others: Byrd, 3-for-10 on the weekend; Soriano, 2-for-5; Baker, 2-for-6; and Carlos Zambrano went 2-for-4.

The real lesson here: Jered Weaver would light up the NL, and Joe Saunders is not that good. And the Cubs are, somehow someway, still kinda sorta almost a team in contention except not really.

Also: think anyone wants to trade for Lilly or DLee as of right now?

Part of the reason

why trades don't really start happening until the middle of July in earnest is that teams still aren't sure where they are at this point in the season. We, as Cub fans who are completely immersed in the day to day action of the Cubs think the Cubs are out of it. The standings tell a slightly different story and I doubt there will be any trading happening until at least July 15. I think the Cubs will know better at that time if they have a shot.

Quite frankly, if they made no trades at the trading deadline, I'd be ok with that. If Lee rebounds, we can offer both he and Lilly arbitration. It is possible that he won't and we won't offer him arbitration but Lilly seems likely to get the offer and I think will leave and find a home elsewhere in a weak free agent market. This will net the Cubs two extra draft picks in a season where the talent pool is supposed to be very deep.

I think given that possibility and the fact that while the Cubs are probably out of it, they aren't quite out of it, lifts Lilly's trade value should be at least two decent prospects (and possibly three). Lee is somewhat different because it's questionable as to whether he will just accept arbitration or not.

I also think Lee's market doesn't really start to materialize until we know for sure if Prince Fielder is going to be dealt or not. I do think there are teams that could use both players and they could net the Cubs a decent haul. I just don't want the Cubs to get fleeced if and when they make these trades.

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