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Game Recap: Cubs 6, Washington 15 -- Silver lining?

Really, really late Game Recap
Well, the Cubs lost to a really crappy team by a lot of runs. I wouldn't necessarily call that a good thing.

Let's talk about some guys who seriously do not belong on a major league team that came up with some star performances last night.

Mike Fontenot is broken. Last night, he made a throwing error, and failed to get a hit. He's now hitting .179 in August. It's really too bad, because his 2008 was really, really encouraging. Now he appears suited for Triple A, a "fresh start" type like Joey Gathright before him.

Aaron Heilman sucks. I'm sure the total and absolute lack of confidence in his abilities exhibited by his manager doesn't help, but at the end of the day you've gotta get the job done. If it's any consolation, Ronny Cedeno and Garrett Olson both still suck too.

Also, call me quick to judge, but I may have demoted Tom Gorzelanny, from "I'm OK with him being in the 2010 rotation" status to "It'd be fine with me if this guy started the year in Iowa."

As Rob pointed out earlier today, Milton Bradley had a nice evening for himself. I'm rooting for MB for the rest of the year, if for no other reason than to maximize his trade value this offseason.

Great game, huh?

Go Cubs!

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