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Game Recap: Cubs 1, Phillies 6 -- Enough already.

Game Recap
The Cubs suck, blah blah blah.

Cliff Lee went eight innings for the Phils, we only scored once. Lame.

Ryan Dempster went seven innings, got hit with a crooked number in the 4th, gave up a couple bombs. That sucked.

Hey, Jeff Baker is hitting .275 all of a sudden! That's cool!

Geovany Soto has been worthless. You nailed that one, Rob. I'm sorry we ever doubted you.

Justin Berg looked great, huh? Ninth rookie pitcher the Cubs have used this year. That's great.

Mike Fontenot is hitting .229 this year.

K, that's all I wanna say. Bring on the Pirates.

The Cubs got swept at home by the Phillies.  Yay?

Much as the toughest part of the minor league manager's job is cutting players who just can't hack it, the hardest part of a Cubs blogger's job is writing about the team when they suck serious ass.  In that sense, the last couple of seasons have been a blessing, almost making up for 2005 and 2006.  But while nobody - and I mean nobody - expected much from the '06 Cubs, we obviously had some high hopes for this team.

They have responded so far by crapping in our Cheerios.  This leaves us with a bit of a conundrum.  After all, many of these under-performing players are aging, expensive, and quite possibly untradeable.  On top of that, the Cubs still aren't sold -- and we haven't heard about the sale in weeks -- and for so long as the team lingers in limbo we are stuck with Jim Hendry helming and Lou Piniella managing.  Except everybody loves Lou, so it's only half a problem.

Well, my friends, it doesn't get much worse-feeling than this.  I invite you all, then, to consider this season a bust.  Let your feelings of despair out.  Overturn a car.  Throw baseballs at rare seagulls.  And when it's over, make your way back to the team and pick a player, any player.  From here on until October, root for that guy, cheer for him whenever he does well, and if he ends the season with a good performance between now and then consider it a small consolation.

But, hey, stop freaking out about the Cubs.  If you know the season is done for, you shouldn't be upset anymore when they lose.  It's as simple as that.

Sale of the Cubs

According to the Score, it is a done deal. LOL

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