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Game Recap: Cubs 3, Phillies 4 - This one's on Lou.

Last night's game was another one of those playoff-type contests, the kind of game that reveals the true identity of the team you're rooting for.

The offense scratched out a decent number of runs against a solid starter and decent bullpen--and in the postseason, you're sometimes gonna need to find a way to win with just three runs scored. Those runs scored on good situational hitting rather than pure mashing, on a couple of timely singles with runners in scoring position (one of which had been bunted over), along with a sacrifice fly.

Maybe you disagree with me, but in last night's game, I myself can't blame the offense. Happ, Park, Madson and Lidge are all quality (except for maybe the last guy--who we scored on), and we still managed to plate a few runs.

(As for Walker, Eyre, and Durbin, perhaps we should have come through with one run at some point, but then again this game should never have gone into extras. More on that in a minute.)

Then there's the Cubs' pitching, starting with the starting.

If anyone's whining about the two runs Rich Harden allowed, then those people are just plain stoopid. Richie had a no-hitter going for a good while, walked the #8-hitter (kinda dumb but whatever) and then gave up a homer to Jimmy Rollins. Look, the Phillies have a good offense; they're gonna score runs. I'll take 2 ER in 7 innings every time out.

That brings us to the bullpen. And to that end, I've really got just one question.

When your set-up man walks a guy and hits a batter, and the opponent has three consecutive lefties due up, how do you not get your LOOGY warmed up the moment the HBP happens?

Of course, Lou left Carlos in, and we all know what happened.

As for letting Kevin Gregg pitch two innings, if you check his game log on a site like Yahoo! Sports you'll see that he's actually done it before this season. It's hard to blame Lou for trusting Gregg there.

But for pulling Harden on one of his good nights after just 87 pitches? And for leaving Marmol in, against a lefty, after his having demonstrated to everyone everywhere that he didn't have any idea where the ball was going last night? Those decisions are a bit more questionable.

So once again, we see what this team really is: an offense that might score two or three, but certainly not five or six runs against quality pitching; a starting rotation with some great arms; a bullpen with some questionable ones; and a manager that doesn't know how to manage those relievers.

We're running out of time here, guys.

Go Cubs.

Offense did fail us

The two biggest culprits are sitting in the 4 & 5 spot. Soriano and Soto went a combine 0-9 yesterday. Derrek Lee didn't help his cause when he went 0-3. If you take away Derrek Lee, who is going score runs on this team? Soriano? He is too inconsistent to be relied upon. Soto? He is too busy eating a chocolate pancake wrapped around a stick of butter. That leaves Bradley and Fox. Bradley has been decent recently, but he is an onbase guy and not a run producer. That means if Lee isn't producing Fox is the guy with all of the weight on his back. While he has been pretty good, I would rather not place a large portion of the Cubs hopes and dreams on a 26 year old rookie.


This team is no team. Even with Aramis they aint doing ish in the playoffs which they are not making this year. Cubs fan tried and true, born and raised on the north side. But, this "team"/season is really hard to watch. Thank god for bob brenly
p.s. faustus1500 should be banned from the shoutbox. I was highly offended by seeing the F word used. I only used the letter N and I'm still banned. Haters man........haters.

I guess it must be a

I guess it must be a generational thing, because based on your propensity for using it I should apparently be deeply scarred whenever you call me a "hater."

Although I think you're being intentionally obtuse, I'll spell it out for you -- cursing, with some degree of decorum is fine. Ass, damn, hell, even shit your way to glory. The f-bomb tends to get edited out though. Making idiotic derogatory comments, however, is not welcome.

Because you have spammed the shoutbox on multiple occassions, and intentionally acted to disrupt this website, you aren't welcome here. However, anybody else -- whether they think the Cubs suck or rawk, whether they hang on my every word or think I am a total, undeniable idiot; in short whether they love or even HATE -- is welcome to participate.

But you are not. Good luck on finding another website to frequent, but I doubt you'll be welcome anywhere. You are, without a doubt, an immature kid with no concept of proper decorum.


The F word is much more offensive than the letter N. I agree. Ban faustus1500

Seriously, kid. You're not

Seriously, kid. You're not welcome here. I get that you are obsessed with us, and will stalk this blog until you meet that first girl who'll have nothing to do with you (resulting in your stalking of HER), but you'll grow tired of trying to sneak into here long before I grow tired of banning you.

Eyre Would Have Been Nice

If you want to blame Piniella, don't forget to include the irrational hatred he seems to develop regarding certain pitchers.

It would have been nice to have Scott Eyre pitching the 8th inning instead of Carlos Marmol.

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