Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Game and Series Recap: Cubs 1, Braves 4 (1-2) -- That sucked.


I'm a little late with today's recap because I don't really know what to say. And even if I did know what to say, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be fun to write. This is one of those pivotal games, and pivotal series, that you don't really want to talk about.

The month was starting off really nicely.That series against the Brewers? Clutch! We were gaining ground, playing well, scored eight runs in one of the games--it was all coming together, it seemed, for a push towards the top of the standings heading into the All-Star Break.

Then Ryan Dempster broke his toe. Then Javy Vasquez shut us down. Then Geo Soto strained his oblique (oblique injuries SUCK, by the way). Then Kenshin Kawakami shut us down.

In the last recap, I said I expected better results if our top two guys could get on. Boy, was I wrong! A lot of good it was for Kosuke and Ryan to get four base hits in front of Lee, Rami and MB.


I don't know what to tell you. What's reasonable to expect from this team going forward? Is it really all that doom-and-gloomish to expect offensive mediocrity throughout the remainder of the season? Is it overly optimistic to expect that they'll be able to flip a switch and turn it around at some point? Frankly, I can't blame either side of the debate after this past week of games.

(Un)fortunately, because this team CONTINUES to be in the thick of the division race, with a ton of baseball to go, we can't not pay attention. They'll just keep stringing us along, until something gives.

Oh, by the way--ready for a four-gamer with the Cardinals?

Go Cubs.

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