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Game Recap: Cubs 4, Twins 7 - Randy Not So Wells

(Reminder: You need three outs to end an inning. Just wanted to make that clear before we got underway with the recap.)

The streak is over, unfortunately.

As it turns out, Randy Wells, the Cubs' FIFTH starter, is human after all.

The four runs the Cubs scored today would have won either of the last two games, with insurance to spare. And of course, there's probably a certain way you pitch to a team when you've got a bit of a cushion. But either way, it sucks that the Cubs couldn't get that shutdown pitching on the day they score four runs.

Oh, and also, Milton Bradley threw a caught ball into the stands even though there were less than three outs in the inning. (What?! You didn't hear?!)


Rob here, real quick:
I could not be more disappointed than I am right now.  I am not saying the season is over, or that we have lost the division.  But I am saying that there does not appear to be any hope to turn this around, unless about six of the guys from the everyday lineup just do complete 180s and start playing as well as they've been playing badly.  Plus, yes, Fukudome is in free-fall.

I am not enjoying the 2009 season whatsoever, and will not do so until we are leading the division.  God bless ya if you feel otherwise, but then again, if you don't care that the Cubs are playing like a bunch of turds what fell out of a tall cow's ass, then maybe you're playing an Enabler role for them.




right after this game I felt the same way you do Rob. It's just sad, it's like the cubs are just choke artists with men in scoring position. Many have said "well if we can just hang in there till aramis gets back..." Is that really going to help all that much? I mean he has been my favorite player for a couple of years now, but seriously I thought we were mediocre on our best days before he got hurt. You can't really be mad at anyone cub right now, even milton. It has been a complete team (offensive) effort to achieve this level of suckage. They should be proud. Now with that said how the hell are we only 3.5 back?!! Thats the only thing that gives me hope...i mean when you have the "favorite" on the ropes and you don't finish the deal right away, how many times have we seen the underdog collapse, only to see the momentum swing back the way it was supposed to? (orlando magic shaking their heads) I mean look at the positive: Dempster is playing with other things on his mind and has been decent, zambrano has his head on straight, lilly is pitching like 2 years ago, this wells kid is looking awesome, oh and harden should be back soon...and the bullpen has been...well the starters are good. i mean i think this adversity is just what the cubs need. Would you seriously want this team to be up 7 games right now? That would give us "cubbie swagger" or as i see it "a false sense of entitlement". We aren't as good as we played during the reg season last year and got WORKED vs LA. It's us against history...lets do it, and play that way


everyone is waiting for that "spark" that wakes us up like lou getting ejected or some crap like that...maybe it'll be milton's day today that wakes everyone up. I mean i can imagine it's just embarassing to be on that team right now.

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