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Apparently his teammates call him "Fukie"

FuKu.  Dome. F-dome.  F-bomb.  The Fooker.

These are some of the nicknames we have dredged up for our ethnically-uncomfortably named outfielder.  But no less of an authority than The Riot proclaims that the preferred nomenclature for our guy is "Fukie".  Nice hockey nickname, take the guy's name, shorten it, and add a "ey" to the end. 

Anyway, the good news is that Fukudome took the time to visit the clubhouse yesterday, on a break from Team Japan duties.  He and Uncle Lou hugged, and Lou proclaimed him as "great looking".  Which is a bit of a stretch, if you ask me, with the gap between his front teeth and all.  But I guess his new core exercises have really begun to show, and he has regained his batting eye.  This is all good news on the Fukie Front.

The even better news was the magnificent pitching yesterday by two Canucks and a Mets reject.  Dempster, Heilman, and Rich Harden (yes, THE Rich Harden) combined for 1 run in 8 innings of work.  All thanks to God, Allah and Yahweh that we aren't going to have to hear about Rich Harden Not Pitching So Far This Spring anymore!!  He woke up, ate his breakfast, went out to the mound, got guys out, sat down, and did not collapse in a heap!  This is even better news.

But perhaps the best news - it appears that Uncle Lou has changed his mind about bringing in some dicktastic castoff to back up third base - somebody that would suck up a roster spot that should otherwise belong to the big strapping Hoffpauir or the lightning fast Gathright. It appears we can keep both, therefore giving this roster two dimensions, speed and power, while lessening its amount of a third, namely, suckage.

On the other hand, Carlos Marmol couldn't lock it down for the DR against the Netherlands.  He was victimized by some poor fielding and otherwise bad play.  I totally understand that Marmol lives and dies with that slider, and presumably it was not sliding much last night.  But one should worry a bit about the Brewers and the Phils and the Dodgers if this guy can't close on frickin' Holland. 

This just might negate everything above.

except marmol blew a save.

except marmol blew a save.

Not concerned

I'm over it.


sorry, Anno. I wasn't aware at the time I posted this about Marmol. I'm not over it.

those crazy dutch... they

those crazy dutch... they keep doing crazy dutch things.

like riding bikes around other teams... why aren't our scouts in the Netherlands right now?

Have you seen those guys? I

Have you seen those guys? I never knew so many latino players and African Americans grew up in the Netherlands ...

no. we only got the mexico

no. we only got the mexico vs south africa game here in the RSA...

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