Free Dating Apps in Canada


Canada, is feeling a surge of free online dating apps as couples change how they meet and interact. What options (see are available for Canadian singles looking for Mr or Mrs Right or just someone to spend the night?

Tinder changed everything when it did what no other app could and broke into the collage scene. It changed the face of dating app, from old lonely people, to trendy collage kids looking for no strings attached sex. Are these prejudice fair? Of course not, but no one brags about the girl or guy they banged from EHarmony. A Tinder date, has made its way into the English lexicon and it has been copied by a whole new generation of proximity dating services.

Grindr, is the LGBT equivalent of Tinder, kind of. The LGBT community is, how I should put this? A bit more direct than their heterosexual counterpart. Grinder has more of a sexual focuses. The app only gives you about 200 characters to use in the about me section, and the majority of profiles use this space, to describe what they want put where. As a bisexual man, with an open minded wife who also gets a kick out of the occasional stranger in the bedroom. I have a unique perspective of how online dating works on both sides of the fence. Grinder exists to facilitate casual unconditional intercourse.

Okcupid, is populated by users looking for a significant other with at least a trickle of commitment. It has a location based app, which allows potentials to meet up over coffee or go on a romantic walk. You know, all that cute shit couples do when falling in love. The site has an algorithm for matching partners, implying that more than just good looks draws people together. I haven’t mentioned that it is one of the biggest online dating apps out there. It’s has 30 million active users, with a million logging in every day. So if there is a one in a million chance someone would date you; you still have thirty people, or a person every day, to choose from. The apps biggest selling point is also it greatest down fall. When you sign up for the app, after filling out your profile, you answer a raft of multiple choice questions. The app uses your answers to this to find you a match. But people are aware that this is how the app works, and answer the question how their ideal match would, not honestly. This leads to pairing with people who are only pretending to be like you and actually nothing like you.

Match, was one of the original dating sites to gain any kind of traction. It was first established in the United States in 1995 and was extended to the UK in 2001. The average age of users places both men and woman between 25 -30 years. The site offers users enough text boxes to really pump their profile with information, which, although exaggerated and sugar-coated, helps people find prospective matches. The site also runs a number of singles events around the country, if you want to take the online out of online dating. Did I mention, that the app is used by 60 million users? That is massive, if dating is a numbers game then Match is where it happens.

Choosing the right online dating platform is all about what you are looking for. Decided if you are after a fling or a soul mate and jump on the appropriate platform. They are a sign of the times and you sure can’t beat them.