Goatriders of the Apocalypse

What to do with lil' ol' Wrigley Field?

I'm not planning on going too far into detail about this, since we could debate the future of Wrigley Field until fists start flying, but I was EMailed not too long ago by somebody with a vision to change the Wrigleyville neighborhood a bit.

Apparently, this individual wants the Cubs to take the big empty space next to the ballpark - where they have long been planning to build a training facility, gift shop, underground parking center, and Cubs Hall of Fame - and turn it into a park rather than a structure.  You can check out their website here (and why I'm rewarding them for trying to spam the site with this earlier today is beyond me).  If you think that building a park would be the best possible use of that space, head on over there and sign the petition.

And just to be fair, I'll note that it isn't my preferred use of that space.  The Cubs at Wrigley Field are seriously deprived of many of the modern amenities that other teams take for granted.  They have limited training room area, fans have limited parking possibilities around the park, and a Cubs Hall of Fame would be really effin' cool.

Therefore, in my opinion, the park isn't the way to go.  But I have a lot of crazy opinions about the Cubs and the future of Wrigley Field (see my recent uniform proposals as examples of my obvious insanity).  I wouldn't assume that anybody else would agree with me, so don't let me deter you from signing the petition if you really want to. 

But remember something - without a state-of-the-art training facility located in or near Wrigley Field, children will die.  Don't you care for the children? 

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