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I rushed on out here yesterday, first to bemoan the fact that there was nothing compelling about the 2010 Cubs, then to rip on the braintrust for ditching their original plan and rushing recent 20 year old Starlin Castro to the big leagues.

Well, how did things turn out?  I'd say it can be expressed in an algebraic equation:

Starlin Castro's debut > Jason Heyward's + Ike Davis's combined

So, just like the Zambrano Banishment, it appears that Donut Jim and Sweet Lou pulled a plum out of their asses.  So here I am to praise Starlin Castro, and the Cubs organization, for the incredible record-setting evening in Ohio.

I suppose if you look back, some of the great success stories in sports history stem from a move which, at the time, seemed desperate and foolish.  Problem is, there aren't too many that immediately come to mind, at least in baseball.  The 1999 St. Louis Rams put a grocery-bagging Arena League QB in, and all Kurt Warner did was win the MVP.  It can happen.  I don't remember the circumstances in 2003 when the Marlins brought up 20 year old (skinny) Miguel Cabrera.  Seems to me, back then, the Marlins brought in anyone who was cheap.  So, it COULD happen.  Maybe Castro will be the spark.

Of course, me being me, I can't just sit back and enjoy the unexpected RBI orgy.  I look back now to his fourth AB, when there were two more RISP, and he got too anxious and fouled out to first.  He was even more anxious in his last AB.   Imagine it is very easy for some kid born in 1990 to collect 6 RBI in his first three big-league at bats and decide that they are, in fact, Superman and can do no wrong.  I think we are seeing that in Atlanta with their 20 year old, and I hope that Castro can get back within himself and do what he's done all fall, all Spring Training, and all season so far.

The ball jumps off his bat, he doesn't need to overswing.  I hope he realizes that.  If he does, folks, here's your Shortstop of the Decade.  And, hey, the decade just started!  But, if not, then we can all get red-faced and mutter that the Cubs ruined yet another kid.

C'mon, Starlin.  You're not very good looking - hopefully you got the brains in your family.  Stay within yourself, control your swing, buddy?  For once, let us get away with something.

Fair is fair

It was nice to see the Cubs on ESPNs ticker line portrayed in a positive light. While it's easy to proclaim Castro as the savior, I would bet that the same was said for the likes of Ben Grieve and Pat Borders who also had sizzling debuts for their respective teams in the ML debuts. Let's hope that this kid keeps it together... But in the spirit of fair and balanced, I won't be surprised today if he drops a goose egg at the plate. Nonetheless, I have made room on my roster to claim him off of waivers for my fantasy team. As a Cubs fan, there is always a lot of room for optimism.


The Marlins spent some money on that second world series team.

Compare the Castro call up to Justin Upton's maybe

And while I loved Castro's awesome debut, i really hope when he's mired in an 0-21 or 1-30 slump they don't bench or demote him, as they did with Patterson, Pie, etc...in recent years. Cross our fingers, eh?

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