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Quick factoids for 3/16/2009

Major league leader in Spring Training total bases: Mike Fontenot: 32

Major league leader in Spring Training RBI (tie): Micah Hoffpauir: 13

Cubs leaders in batting average (tie): Carlos Zambrano&Ryan Dempster: 1.000

In regards to Kyle's review of Alf Soriano - c'mon, kids.  We can all agree that Hoppy is being PAID to be a 40/40 guy, and we can all HOPE he will be a 40/40 guy, and we can see that he APPEARS to be in decent shape, perhaps the best he has been as a Cub.  But that doesn't mean he WILL be a 40/40 guy.  I mean, I can squint my eyes reeeeeal tightly closed and cross my fingers and hope and pray and chant incantations, and I can pray not only that Soriano will go 40/40 but also for Lee to regain his 2005 form, and for Fukudome to be the guy we paid for coming out of Japan, and for Zambrano to win 20 with 2 no-hitters.

Don't mean it's gonna happen, and in fact, you could go to Vegas and get pretty long odds on ALL of those.

Agreed, but you can't tell

Agreed, but you can't tell me that my opinion is wrong. I'm of the opinion that Soriano will have a great year because I think his leg issues are behind him. Not because some coach said he's in great shape, but because after he came off the DL in 2008, he didn't have a DL stint in relation to his legs. He missed 53 games games and still put up good numbers. Is he playing like a 40/40 man? No. But he has been very good.

I don't consider him as severe an injury risk as Kyle will lead on. Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, Ken Griffy Jr, Jim Thome, Erik Bedard, etc....those are injury prone players. Soriano getting hit by Bennett's pitch? Shouldn't put Soriano in the "injury prone" bucket. It's a freak injury.

Nick V, I'm glad you're

Nick V, I'm glad you're optimistic about Fonsie's health. I wish I could say the same.

Believe me when I say I know the difference between being injured and being injure-prone. Soriano is clearly not someone who would be classified as "injury-prone". As such, I never wrote that he was. I just said the guy gets hurt. This is a fact as evident by his short history with the Cubs.

Odds are that he will get hurt again this season regardless if it is his own fault or not.

I don't want Soriano to get hurt, but I don't think it's a smart idea to believe he will be healthy for 150+ games this season. I know this. Lou knows. You know this.

In a perfect world, Soriano would play in 150 games and get close to another 40/40 season. Recent history says otherwise. I really hope I'm wrong.

My mistake Kyle, I

My mistake Kyle, I misunderstood what you meant by your injury comment. I semi-agree with you, but I guess I'm a bit more optimistic about Soriano than some. We shall see who was more accurate come October.

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