Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Pinin' for the fjords

Surely you've noticed that, in the past few weeks, GROTA hasn't exactly been spewing content.  This evoked one of our writers to send out a team EMail yesterday asking if the blog was officially dead.

I assure you, sir, that this blog is merely restin'!

Maybe it's an indication of how boring in general the off season has been.  Players have reported to Spring Training, many of them ahead of schedule, and we're all like, meh.  Ted Lilly may or may not have blown a wheel (reports say he hasn't), and we're all like, whateves. 

This hasn't exactly been the most confidence-evoking off season in the history of the Cubs.  There were no massive trades, no promising developments, nothing exciting at all, in fact, unless you want to count the Geo Soto weight loss as an event to drive content.  Hell, really the most exciting happening of the off-season was the further descent into insanity of many of the Cub bloggers out there, and even that is old news at this point.

So if you're wondering, then, about how often you can hit up this blog for fresh content; if you are doubting our ability to provide you with Cub stories exciting and new, then I say to you don't worry.  Come aboard, we're expecting you ... the Cub boat!  Da da da da daaaa...

Crap.  Sorry about that.  I temporarily lost my shit in the last paragraph there.  I blame, again, the boring off season.  Anyway, we should have daily content for you starting in March, and I'll work a little harder to keep things fresh and updated between now and then.  I promise. 

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