Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Eli's Coming

(No, not Manning.) 

If you've ever seen the incredible television show Sports Night, a show that lasted only two seasons before its creator moved onto bigger and better things (see: The West Wing), then you may have seen the episode in which co-anchor Dan Rydell senses a looming portent, represented to him by the Three Dog Night song, "Eli's Coming."  Bad things were happening, and contrary to the saying, there was no "calm" before the storm -- there are always signs to warn us of what is to come.

The Cubs, then, stand before a portent.  Sold recently to Tom Ricketts, the Cubs are now witness to the soft destruction of WGN and the Tribune Company (as exampled by the demise of the near-thirty-year show "Sports Central," as an aging and salary-bloated team tries to hang on for one last run before the rebuilding steamroller trucks on through.  Ricketts, meanwhile, is too focused on the added revenue of a neon Toyota sign  to fix the team (why we are upset the existence of this is ridiculous and indicative of how Cub fans have the wrong priorities), not to mention the stinky bathroom trough situation. 

These are all signs -- of what, you be the judge.  But for a team always focused on disaster, failure, and heartbreak, maybe the only true portent that we can heed is one that warns of looming victory.  But probably not.

Nevertheless, as the media world collapses like a bronze statue with clay feet, blogs like GROTA, A League of Her Own, and Aisle 424 will continue to serve you, if only sporadically because blogging regularly is a soul-sucking procedure.  I mention them because both blog's authors recently posted here.

However, if you are a blogger who is too tired to weather it alone, if you want to post in a place read by thousands daily, if you want a little bit of a fame rub (I said a little bit, we're hardly the Rolling Stones over here), then join us.  Shoot me an EMail, post here in the ShoutBox, do whatever you want to do.  We're looking for a few regular/part-time writers.  Why, you ask?

The reason is simple -- our last batch of writers have moved on.  One writes for Baseball Prospectus now.  Another is working at the Tribune.  I'm not saying we're the reason why -- I'm sure we're not, these guys were talented long before they stroked some keys at GROTA -- but we couldn't have hurt, either.

Join us.  The portent is here.  Can the Apocalypse loom far behind?

Sports Night

Thank you for referencing Sports Night! That is one of my all-time favorite episodes.

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