Goatriders of the Apocalypse

I hope nobody here is mad at Samardzija

I mean, he does kind of suck, but we did hold the World Champs down to one run in 12 2/3rds innings, and Jayson Werth has been kind of a beast the past two years, particularly to us.  So it is unfair to be mad at the Shark.  He didn't lose this game.  Country Joe Blanton and Rodrigo Lopez are not Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez in their prime.  But we've scored 2 runs in 22 innings so far this series.  Our lack of offense lost last night's game.  So lay off of Samardzija.

It is also not fair to be mad at Aramis Ramirez.  He is not even close to 100%.  But he came back and played when others might not, because we have no other options.  75% of him is better than anything else we have.  Don't be mad at Derrek Lee and Ryan Theriot, either.  Neither one did much to help last night, but they are the only two guys (three, counting Z) on the entire roster hitting their weight.

Don't be mad at Fukudome, either.  It is fairly plain what he is and what he isn't at this point.  He's also the best offensive outfielder we have right now.  He will be run out there every day, batting leadoff, because we have no other choice.

Don't be mad at Jake Fox and Micah Hoffpauir, either, for both are, at best, NL pinch hitters or AL designated hitters.  There is no reason whatsoever that we need both guys on this roster.  One guy who can't catch, fine.  (And don't tell me about Hoff's lunge into the stands, either.  That was just silly.  Nice catch, but it doesn't make him Torii Hunter, either).  But one or the other should have been dealt for something we don't have - like a decent backup catcher, for instance.

Speaking of, don't bellyache about Koyie Hill.  He sucks, but he's also the only catcher on the roster, and it takes guts to keep dragging your ass out there day after day when you know you aren't going to hit anything.  You can be mad at Geo Soto for showing up out of shape and getting hurt.  God knows I've been mad all year.  Having said that, I hope and pray for his speedy recovery and that he actually runs a mile or two this winter, in prep for 2010. 

And as for Jeff Baker, Andres Blanco, Aaron Miles, Mike Fontenot, Ryan Freel, Joey Gathright, and Sam Fuld, they certainly cannot help the fact they are not Chase Utley or Hanley Ramirez.  God bless them in their future endeavors, and I hope that when I get a flat tire in their hometowns someday, that they won't try to push them damn Michelins on me or soak me for balancing.

Finally, give Uncle Lou a break.  Yep, nearly everything he's tried so far this year has turned to pot.  But good lord, he's had to deal with all the sucktasm I've mentioned so far, along with the last two 8-figure guys, Soriano and Bradley, neither of which are hitting .240 at the moment.  Finally, Lou is starting to demand his boss trade for some gatdam hitting, and this is the Muskrat reporting this.  Who knows what he actually said, and how many expletives he used to say it?

Once again, this is 100% Hendry's fault.  He could have had Torii Hunter - he got Soriano instead.  He could have had Raul Ibanez - but he had to have Bradley.  He thought Fontenot could replace DeRosa, he thought he could get Jake Peavy, he thought Fukudome was back in Japan doing stomach crunches.  And NOW, when the one man in baseball BETTER than Peavy is being shopped, we haven't heard a peep from Donut Jim.  When Roy Halladay ends up a Phillie, that might be the day I come out here and shovel dirt on our grave, even if we're leading the Central, because then we aren't beating Philly or LA.

If he is being held hostage by Crane Kenney, Sam Zell and the sale of the team, he needs to step up and assert his authority, or resign.  Of course, he isn't going to do that.   If on the other hand, he has had free reign all along, and this is the best he can do, then he needs to be fired.  Of course, Kenney isn't going to fire him.  There will NOT be a deadline trade to Save the Cubs, and Soriano, Bradley, Fukudome, Ramirez and Soto are NOT going to come back in 2009 and play the way YOU THINK they are capable of, because they already ARE. 

The only hope we have as fans to ever see another postseason game is for the freakin' sale to finally happen, and for Ricketts to find a capable GM.  Until then, enjoy your .511 winning percentage, your .247 batting average and 15th best offense in the NL, because that's what we have.  It is now late July.  It is no longer early, and we do not have the luxury of playing Washington, Pittsburgh and San Diego the rest of the way.  It is what it is.  This is as good as it gets. 


Why are we even talking about Halladay? Pitching isn't a glaring weakness for us. I would say the only pitcher in the history of baseball that could make us a lot better right now is Babe Ruth and that is because he had the wicked bat.

Why Halladay?

Of course the glaring weakness is offense. But when the best pitcher in the whole gatdam game is offered up, and you are the GM of one of the most profitable franchises in the game, you need to be involved. We're not talking AJ Burnett or Derek Lowe or even Jake Peavy here. Roy Halladay??? The BEST!

I guess we could argue that

I guess we could argue that Hendry should know better since he's the one they're paying to actually run the team, but I'll at least admit to having been a big fan of the Bradley signing, the DeRosa trade, and the avoidance of Ibanez, Dunn and Abreu at the times each event occurred.

I thought Bradley's defense would have put him over the top, but apparently he's lost a step or six out there in the OF, and his arm isn't what it used to be. I thought Ibanez and Abreu were too old to contribute (Abreu's power is in fact gone this year, while Ibanez'... isn't). And I was certain I didn't want Soriano and Dunn lumbering around in the corners, no matter how many home runs each hit.

I thought Fontenot had proven himself, having posted superior numbers over the course of 500 major league at-bats. I think the plan was to slowly ease Font into the line-up at 2B, but with Ramirez' shoulder getting screwed up and Miles sucking (surprise!!!!!!!), that plan just wasn't do-able. So Font got overworked, overexposed, and made powerless.

So yeah, you can blame Hendry. He should know better, I guess. But at least for me, these moves made sense at the time. Hindsight's 20/20 though.

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