Goatriders of the Apocalypse

The true indicator that Jim Hendry is competent at his job

Ted Lilly getting dealt is inevitable.  I hate to see him go...I have liked him since his initial slow start with us in 2007.  I hope for his sake he goes to a place with a big park, in the AL, so he doesn't have to bat.

Derrek Lee is also attracting interest.  It appears he is doing a bit better, so as with Lilly, someone is willing to rent him and his expiring contract for the next two months.  This would be a good thing for us, because it gives someone else (Ramirez?) a chance to be the "clubhouse leader", someone a bit more forceful and less accepting of losing.

Inexplicably, though, the Rockies are at least one team interest in Ryan Theriot.  Here's the thing, kids.  If Hendry gets a box of athletic tape for The Riot, it will be a steal.  HE MUST MAKE THIS TRADE!  Ronny Cedeno is a dumber ballplayer than Theriot, and Mike Barrett was dumber than Theriot.  That being said, Forrest Gump is smarter than Theriot.

If Hendry is smarter than Theriot, he will trade him and his poor positioning, dumb baserunning, lack of situational awareness ass out of town.  Now that ARam and DPLee are hitting a little, it is now The Riot and our crappy bullpen that is holding us down.  If we can get a few more bullpen arms, along with a minor prospect, for Lee, Lilly and Theriot, then Hendry has done his job.

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