Goatriders of the Apocalypse

A brief message to Facebook users who insist on commenting on every Cubs story

Two things:

1) It is NOT "Cubbies".  It is "Cubs".  The Chicago Cubs.  Cubbies are small spaces where kindergartners put their shoes during naptimes, and after naptimes, they roll up their towels or blankies and stick them in the cubbies.

It is the Chicago Cubs National League Baseball Team.  Got it?  All anyone EVER has to do to piss me off and to lose me as a comrade is to use the term Cubbies to refer to the team that once employed Andre Dawson, a bad bad man who rubbed bone against bone every day while patrolling the sun field in right.

If you can't refrain from using "cubbies", then go root for the "soxies" or "brewsies".

2) On Facebook, there is a "Like" button.  This is meant to be clicked if you approve of the item.

For example, today I wrote that "Guns don't kill people, 16 ounce pan-fried ribeyes, double baked potatoes drenched in butter, and cherry cobbler ala mode kills people".  Six people decided this was true, so they clicked "Like".

When the Chicago Cubs Facebook group puts out something that says "Aramis Ramirez has been hitting .154 this year, and has a sore right thumb", the intent is to inform us of what is happening.  It is not put there for our APPROVAL.  Do you LIKE the fact that ARam can't hit dick and has a debilitating injury?  I don't like that, not one bit.  I would LIKE it if he were hitting .354, and opposing pitchers had sore right thumbs because they are so insecure that they've reverted to sucking their thumbs as a coping mechanism.

I assume you don't LIKE it, either.  So, why click on the LIKE button?
Just because the gatdam Cubs logo is on there, don't mean you gotta LIKE it. 

2A) And don't compound your gatdam ignorance after clicking LIKE on #2 and then saying "Go Cubbiez" in the comments.

This is why fans of other teams hate us, because some of us are so damn stupid.  Grow the hell up!

LIKE! (I couldn't find the

LIKE! (I couldn't find the like button.)

gO cUBbieeezZZZ!!


It is pretty easy to find you, and put you out of your misery

the only time it is proper to

the only time it is proper to call them the cubbies is in the phrase 'root root root for the'

Bad day, Rob?

Bad day, Rob?

Why other fans hate us

Because of all fans we self hate and we are whiny about the mundane things. Must be a slow day at work.....


Rob, aren't you a little OLD to rant? (Kids, let's stay off of Mr. Rob's lawn right now...)

It is always expected

for the kids to stay the hell off my lawn!


I don't live in University Park, but I don't respond well to the disrespect of the youngins.

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