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Oh, and one other thought

I can't help but feel warm and fuzzy by our reader base.  Even though it's December - aka the slowest damned month of the off season so far - and in spite of the numerous days off that cut into peoples' work-time browsing of this website, we have surpassed November's numbers in terms of unique visits and page views.

The likely final tally of unique visits we'll have by midnight of Dec 31st will surpass all but 2 months of 2008, August and October.  We are also at more than double the total number of hits we had last December and we have the 2nd most total page views in the history of this blog.

So ... thanks guys.  Thank you for reading the blog.  Thanks to Colin, Rob, and all the rest for keeping us fresh with daily content.  Sometimes we argue, sometimes we debate, and sometimes it is a vomit-inducing love-fest, but we'd be nothing without the loyal readers.  I anticipate we'll continue to grow into 2009, and I hope you all stick with us throughout the coming months.

/ego tickling

Having been reading for a

Having been reading for a while (34 weeks a member!), I don't think my readership experience has ever been better than it has this month. Participation, intellect, and good fun are all up up up lately.

The Reader Blog feature, and y'all's willingness to promote interesting Reader Blog entries to front page status, is another thing that I appreciate very much. I think it's brought out the best in Cub thought.

Rob mentioned in his post that GROTA is shaping up to be the #1 place to go on the interwebs to talk about the Cubs, and I thoroughly agree. I look forward to increased activity as pitcher/catcher reporting approaches.

I'm all about the reader's

I'm all about the reader's blogs. Generally speaking I'm the only one who does the promoting of them, and I don't necessarily check the blog much between 8AM and 5PM, but if I see that you've written something good, and if it's more than a paragraph, I'll promote it to the front page without hesitation.

And I'm glad you're having a good time

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