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It hurts my eyes

According to Dan - yes, that bastion of accurate transaction news* - the Score is reporting that the Cubs will be signing free agent center fielder Joey Gathright.

(*I'm not teasing you, Dan, I just think it's funny for any article to cite as a source a faceless name from a Shout Box)

A few days back, I said "I have a feeling the Cubs won't get anybody they actually wanted."  Well, my friends, if Jim Hendry started the off season wanting Gathright, then the rumors that he's gone insane are true.

Gathright brings plus defense to the table, and decent speed, and nothing else.  He's got a solitary homerun in 1,145 career at bats, he's a career .263 hitter, he has a career OBP of .328, and his career OPS is .632.  It's like the second coming of Juan Pierre, if Pierre couldn't even hit singles.

Let's hope that Gathright is intended to serve in a backup role, because if the Cubs are turning to him to start in the outfield ... well, I can't even bring myself to conclude that thought.


What started out as me doing a spit take at work has turned into me getting international recognition on this here site. I'm proud of me.

cubs.com is reporting that

cubs.com is reporting that Gathright would compete for a bench spot. I wouldn't be surprised if they sign him to a minor league contract. Remember, it's not only Jim Hendry that is slow to making deals but pretty much all of baseball, except the New York teams, let them over pay for players. I confident that Jim will make a couple nice moves, of course we will blast him for a little bit then realize that we are still going to be the team to beat next year.

As accurate as a Rolex

1 year, 800 grand

If this becomes fact..

it tells me Pie is outta here and Sam Fuld chances of coming to the bigs (as a Cub) is null and void. I don't have Fuld's '08 stats in front of me, but did he suck wind in Iowa?

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