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Stump for Santo

Like many others, this blog has a tremendous appreciation for Ron Santo.  Rob, for example, believes he should be the only guy to sing the 7th inning stretch, as he is the ultimate Cub fan and perhaps the most beloved living member of of the Cub family. I think we're still trying to figure out the best way to make clear to WGN that Santo should be the man, but in the meantime something a little more urgent has come up.

In the near future, the Veteran's Committee will be voting again to theoretically induct new - and overlooked - members into the Hall of Fame.  So far, since the V.C. changed after Ted Williams went ice, they haven't voted in anybody as it turns out that many of the living Hall of Famers feel that their society loses value whenever a new member is added to their ranks.  In other words, those epic douchebags don't want to vote for Ron Santo because like your redneck cousin at the high society wedding, having him at the party will apparently bring things to a screeching halt.

However, Ronnie is deserving.  He came within 5 votes 2 years ago, and maybe this year he will finally cross the threshold.  Or, maybe he'll be hosed again.  I wish there was a way to actively stump for him, but short of stalking the card conventions and harranging the Hall of Famers, there's little we can do but hope.

This Old Cub

I'm debating whether or not to watch This Old Cub tonight to give some superstituous moral support to Ron's candidacy. That said, I'm not sure that it wouldn't jinx it in the wrong direction, considering how the election came out in the movie...

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