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Sale Wars: The Bidding Continues

ESPN is reporting that three people have submitted bids for the second round of the Cubs sale.  My impression is that there's still time and more may continue their pursuit, but one guy who hasn't yet submitted is Mark Cuban.

Cuban, as you may remember, was recently outed for having allegedly committed insider trading in order to save a cool 130 mil.  ...wait, it was for like 130 thouNot 130 mil?

(insert stare of awe and befuddlement here)

Anyway, the Tribune was originally poised to sell 95% interest in the team team for more than a billion dollars, but since the only organisation tossing around the "b" word these days is the US Government, the Cubs may now be had for fewer shares and fewer dollars.  (Although it would be pretty funny if one of the companies getting bailed out turned around and bought the Cubs.  Hey, at least you'd know they were good for the money.  C*cks*ckers.)

Somebody in Venezuela's gonna pay

As Colin mentioned, the scariest catcher in baseball lost a brother today.  We've all heard stories about how tremendously dangerous South America is, and that is apparently even true for a badass-looking guy like Henry Blanco.

Rumors have not been confirmed that the kidnappers changed their gameplan upon learning that Carlos Zambrano was loading Blanco up with guns while planning a jungle attack Rambo Style (and a Zambo photoshop might make sense someday).

But in all seriousness, this is an unnecessary reminder that we live in a really crappy world.  Bad things happen to people - not just good people, but people in general.  All Henry Blanco did was earn a lot of money playing a child's sport, and he's lost a brother because of it.  But at least we understand the cause of this one - there are so many acts of aggression and brutality with no understandable justification that it is sickening.

I know a guy who runs what can only be described as the single greatest smoked meat deli I've ever eaten at.  He's a nice guy.  Even though he's become one of the most popular faces of Toronto cuisine, he'll still sit with the regulars at his deli and shoot the breeze with them for 10 minutes if time is permitting.  A few weeks ago he told me, "I think that things tend to work out in the end."  Well, that just isn't the case.  There are a lot of people in the world who die for nothing every single year, and I'm talking more people than the city of Chicago, more people than the State of Illinois, more people than is conceivable.  Stop for a minute and think about that the next time you're in Chicago - imagine if everybody, from the commuters on the train to the fans at the park to the people in the offices to the drunks in the bar were all ruthlessly, brutally killed for what amounts to somebody else's desire for a little more money and power.  It's a sickening thought and it happens every single day.

But now I'll get off my pulpit.  It was only two paragraphs of seriousness, but they were big paragraphs.  Tomorrow, we'll make more fun of funny things.  I promise.

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