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Off-Day fun: Dress for Success

For those of you that pay attention to uniforms, the Cubs wore their blue alternates for the second day in a row against the Pirates yesterday. It made me very giddy due to my unhealthy love for those particular jerseys. Woot.

There are some people who care nothing for uniforms, but there are others who are absolutly obsessed with them (I'd like to think I fall somewhere in between). So in the interest of uniform awareness everywhere and in the name of utter Off-Day boredom, here’s a list of uniform-related material and observations for your Chicago Cubs…

Alfonso Soriano: I’m sure everyone would say Fonsie’s defining uniform characteristic is his high blue socks (word up), but there are a couple other smaller traits that are pretty interesting too. First, Soriano wears a blue shin protector as opposed to the traditional white or black shin guard leading to a camo affect. Unlike most athletes, Fonsie also loves to mix his brands. Most guys will deck out in The Swoosh or Adidas, but usually you'll see Soriano sporting the Under Armor gear (click clack) and a combo of other brands. It looks like he's been doing this his whole career.

Ryan Theriot: Mr. Riot is the Sarah, plain and tall of baseball (although he is neither tall, nor a woman)...but man are his gloves white.

Derrek Lee: This is another guy who is pretty plain about his uniforms, but D-Lee loves to wear his rubber "Life Strong"-esque wristbands.

Aramis Ramirez: A-Ram usualy has these ridiculous sunglasses that, for some ungodly reason, a modern-day company continues to make (unless he has them stockpiled from the '80s).

Kosuke Fukudome: Almost every picture I can find of Fukudome shows him wearing what I think will become (or already has become) his trademark look: long sleeves. No matter where he has played in his career, it appears that Fukudome sports the sleeves at all times. I wonder if he'll continue to wear them come the deep heat of June and July? Although this just looks weird.

Mark DeRosa: Marky Mark has had some serious issues with his nameplate over the past few seasons in Chicago. For a while his home uniform had all caps "DEROSA" across the back but his away uniform had "DeROSA" on it. Now, it appears that his home jersey has been fixed to read "DeROSA" as well. Utter nameplate chaos!

Geovany Soto: Besides his switch from spring training-scrub #58 to starting cather #18, Geo also wears the old-school catcher gear and facemask, which I find to be rare considering most youner catchers seem to be wearing the new-ish hockey goalie-like masks.

Felix Pie: Is it just me or is Pie a left-handed image of Soriano? They both have the high blue socks, the Under Armor gear, and the shin guard. Occasionally Pie will drop the blue socks for a game or two, but his look is pretty standard to Fonsie's.

Others: Ted Lilly likes to wear a white undershirt with his home jersey, thus completing a strait-jacket look...Dempster and Marquis have apparently ditched their high-socks looks for this season...Cusbs first base coach Matt Sinatro and thiid base coach Mike Quade will now be required to wear batting helmets when they are on the field (as mandated league-wide by MLB). They may look dorky but it's good to see the league taking steps to protect everyone.

That's all I got for now. I'm sure I missed a few here or there. Sorry for filling your brain with useless information. Enjoy the rest of your Off-Day (if that's even possible).

Hank White's big grey catcher's gear

...the wackiest of all Cub uniform gear


Very Robocop-ish. A big Blue H on his chest would be cool.

Dress for Success Rebuttal

I actually prefer the Cubs road gray uniforms in lieu
of the alternate blue jerseys. Are the Cubs the only team in MLB that doesn't do a throw back uniform day or game of some sort. The Cubs had some slick uniforms back in the day. For instance, how about the home uniforms of the 60's - Vintage Santo, Williams, & Banks. The smaller Cubs logo with the narrower outlines around it were sweet. How about the Cubs pull over blue jerseys circa 1984 - Vintage Sandberg era look. Look way back to when they wore dark blue uniforms with the bear leaning on a bat look.

The Cubs have had throwback days in the past.

It was as recent as a few seasons ago when playing the Reds, they wore the baby blue/white pinstripe jerseys of the late 70s.

Another one I remember was in the mid 90s when I was in high school. They wore road unis from the early 40s (maybe 50s), including the wishbone C cap.

This year they're supposed to wear the replica 1947 uniforms in Wrigley as part of the 60th anniversary of WGN covering the Cubs.

Ditto on the gray

While my love for the blue stems entirely from my love for Z and his love of the blue...I have specified in my will that I am to be buried in my MADDUX 31 Greys. Classic.


The Domes elbow guard looks like it had a dollar sign on it. I saw it yesterday when he was up to bat during the game from hell. What gives?

Kosuke's prime-time

Kosuke's prime-time mentality is a photoshop waiting to happen.


Maybe K-Fuk has his arms all inked. Like some samurai.

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