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Game Recap: Cubs 11, White Sox 7…What’s a duck-snort?

One of my favorite things about the Cubs-Sox Series is the opportunity to get to listen to the opposing team’s broadcast. Throughout much of today’s game, I was flipping between WGN (Cubs broadcast) and Comcast (Sox broadcast) because I like to see the differing styles of the announcers, the opposing point of views on the same topic…who am I kidding…I just love to hear Hawk wallow in pain as his beloved “good guys” get dismembered in front of the whole city.

That being said, the fourth inning was a thing of beauty to watch from the perspective of the Sox broadcast team. With the Cubs down 4-1 going into the bottom of the fourth, Hawk was on cloud nine. Then without warning, Grandpa Contreras started handing out belt-high hangers like it was Halloween. The Cubs graciously accepted these treats by hitting four homeruns (Edmonds, Fontenot, Ramirez (3-run shot) and Edmonds again) and accumulating 9 total runs in the inning to effectively end the game. While Hawk kept trying to convince himself the Sox would come back by saying, “Well, the good news is that you know we’re gonna score more runs” he finally conceded that the Cubs might actually have a solid offense saying they didn’t hit any “duck-snorts” in the inning (I think this is a compliment from Hawk) and finally letting out his internal defeatist after the second Edmonds homer by claiming “Maybe we can’t score that many runs.”

Let me taste you tears Hawk…Delicious…

Now to conclude this post-game rambling, here are just a couple random thoughts on the game…

-While I’m not totally convinced Jim Edmonds isn’t here to destroy us, hitting two homeruns against the hated Sox in a “meaningless” series is sure going to help his popularity around Wrigleyville. In no way do I now “like” Edmonds, I just hate him a little less.

-E-Pat finally, FINALLY decided to make me look like an idiot. Being C-Pat’s younger brother automatically puts you on a short leash in Chicago, but I’ve been trying my best to hammer this guy any time he gets the call up to the Bigs. Today, however, Patterson went 3-for-5 with 1 RBI and a stolen base to thoroughly shut me up for at least a week. I hate to admit it, but Patterson might have been the catalyst through which the Cubs offense was powered today.

-Although Jason Marquis got the “W”, he had no business winning this game. Of the five runs he gave up, four came on homeruns with 2 FRIGGEN OUTS. Now I don’t expect Marquis to be pitching shutout baseball every time he is on the mound, but please don’t give these guys anything meaty to hit with two outs. I just see this as a lack of focus on Marquis’ part. If not for the Cubs offense, he would be 5-4 instead of 6-3.

-I hate you Bob Howry. You make my life so hard sometimes.

OK, that’s all I got. Cubs win. Grab a drink, grab a smoke, or grab yourself. Let’s celebrate then do it again tomorrow.

Jim Edmonds

Jim has now played in 25 games for the Cubs...he played in 26 for San Diego this year.

Here is his stat breakdown with Chicago/SD

BA: .311/.178
RBI: 16/6
HR: 4/1
OPS: .939/.498
K's: 13/24

Jim is projected by ESPN to hit 13 homers and 59RBI. Those projections factor in his horrible start in San Diego.

I don't think he will hit above .300 the rest of the year in his Chicago stint...but I do think he could come close to what I was hopefully optmistically (like that word?) expecting: .265/15/60

The HR and RBI numbers might still be optimistic, but he should make a good run at hitting at least .265 in a Cubs uniform this year.

And what I have really liked about him as of late, or as of his Cubs stint, is his veteran bat; he goes the other way with outside pitches, and he can do it with power. He doesn't try to pull everything like so many younger players do...A-Ram gets in that rut sometimes, but he is still a young bull and can get away with it.

When Edmonds is swinging the bat well, his stroke reminds me of George Brett. A nice, sweet stroke, for the young kids out there that never got to see #5 play.

So far, a very good pickup for the Cubs that, in baseball parlance, cost them next to nothing.

Did anybody else see

Ozzie Guillen's facail expression while looking at his lineup card in the 4th inning when Derrick Lee was up to bat? The camera was only on him for a couple seconds but it was enough to stand out to me and give me a good little chuckle. He was in complete bewilderment studying his lineup. Looked like he was trying to remember how a double switch works....Little did he know he was about to continue to get pounded in the inning. Ya know its alot of fun to kick thier asses but its even more satisfying to do it right after they talk a bunch of shit in the media. I think the last couple days is the least we have heard out of the White Sox all year. So hopefully Dempster will continue to be solid and we can smoke em again and send em packing with thier tail between thier legs like the bitches they are. Go Cubs!!

The Hawk and DJ

The worst announcers on TV are Hawk Harrelson and Darren Jackson.
If the Sox were targeting boring for their announcers, they hit a grand slam.
What the hell is with Hawk wearing sunglasses during the TV pregame show?
Between "That's a can of corn", and "That's a Duck snort", and "Put it on the board YESSSSS", I'm about ready to puke. I have co-workers who are diehard Sox fans and they can't stomach Hawk and DJ. I read in the Sunday Tribune where AJ Pierzinsky was quoting Lee Eliah about his infamous rant regarding Cubs fans and agreeing with him. Well you know what AJ? At least are fan base isn't 90% public aid recipients, and they aren't using each other as target practice shooting each other thru living room windows and drive by shootings in front of schools and churches. Us Cubs fans can walk around our ballpark neighborhood with a high level of comfort knowing we won't be knifed, raped, or beaten up for just the hell of it. UP YOURS AJ, you piece of crap.

Yeah they are the worst, but...

But I would rather listen to them than Joe Morgan. FFS. Shut up Joe. You don't know anything.
Thats why when it's on ESPN i watch on TV but listen to Ron and Pat. But the radio was broke so I had to listen to those chuckleheads on ESPN

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