Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Cubs to aggressively pursue Sabathia?

The two best-sourced national reporters, non-Gammons division, are both gearing up the hype machine on the Cubs to Sabathia notion.

Ken Rosenthal:

The Cubs' priority will be adding the best available starting pitcher — C.C. Sabathia?

Buster Olney:

Some folks within the industry think that if Sabathia is traded, the Cubs will be the most aggressive in bidding for him. "They're going for it this year," said one GM. "Other teams are laying back and might not want to trade prospects, but the Cubs will."

Okay, so they mentioned it in passing. And maybe the two of them have the same source here.

The Indians are a long shot to win the AL Central this year, with only a 13% chance right now according to BP's PECOTA-adjusted Odds Report. And the AL Wildcard looks to be even tougher to crack. If they continue to slip, dealing Sabathia may be appealing, especially with 2009 shaping up to be a shallow draft in the eyes of many - the Indians don't figure to resign the prospective free agent.

Sabathia started off miserably, with a 7.88 ERA in April - since then, his ERA has been a cool 2.43. His overall ERA for the season is 4.34, which seems inflated by a poor defensive performance behind him.

As far as raw stuff goes, Sabathia seems to pair a 95 mph fastball with a slider and a change. He's a lefty as well.


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