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Wednesday trade rumors

Crazy Trade Rumor Guy - who actually has one of the best blogs on the net I digress - reports that Bruce Levin says that a Cubs insider notes that Jim Hendry might be in the process of completing a trade with the Mariners. 

The Mariners are apparently asking for Ronny Cedeno, and are willing to offer up reliever Aaron Heilman.  Heilman had a rough year for the Mets in '08 posting an ERA of 5.21 with 8 losses, but the 3 years previous he posted ERAs of 3.17, 3.62, and 3.03.  More impressively, he has the tendency to come close to a K per inning.

Levin also says that there are 3 teams interested in the Rich Hill Reclamation Project and may make some kind of half-assed (but still better than what we thought we'd get) offer for Rich/Mitch.

For all intents and purposes Heilman is fully capable of putting up the same kind of numbers on the field as Kerry Wood.  He also has the potential to be fast friends with the Shark, as they are both very tall and attended Notre Dame.  Seems like a no-brainer to me.


ESPN confirms this trade.  The Cubs also threw in Olsen.  Considering that he was supposedly a key cog in the Peavy deal this may mean that the trade is off again. 

The Cubs have now bolstered their bullpen while unloading one of the dumbest human beings to ever wear a Cubs uniform.  The Peavy Trade-0-Meter, which was going to go up will remain static, and I maight even drop it a bit.

Rob's two cents:

I think we can probably drop the Peavy Trade-0-Meter into the red.  I have a feeling that, with the exception of a Paul Bako here and a Juan Uribe or Rich Aurilia there, what you now see is what is going to camp.

what is the opposite of FAIL?

On the Desipio boards, they utilize THIS.

Not quite A1 Steak Sauce material, but I would welcome this trade.

so, THIS.

Then we can include young, cheap relievers in our quixotic quest for Peavy.

Good use of quixotic. In

Good use of quixotic.

In some circles, people use the term "a win" or "epic win" for something good.

I think the Peavy-O-Meter

should be then tweaked from lower-meh to mid-meh

Will-do when I get home

Will-do when I get home tonight.

Heilman is a guy who could also start.

I think he's a good piece for this team.

I'm a bit uncomfortable about how that leaves the team's shortstop depth - Aaron Miles isn't a full-time shortstop in any conception I can think of, and we don't really have any backups on the farm.

I'm sure there's somebody

I'm sure there's somebody available and affordable via free agency. Otherwise perhaps one of the non-rosters could do the job.


The team had interest in free agent Rich Aurilia at one point, but he is older and hasn't played a lot at SS the last couple of years. Within the system I don't see anyone coming up to take on the utility role and backup SS, or at least anyone that could do a better job than Aaron Miles. A free agent that could play a utility-type role on the cubs is Juan Uribe, as he could be used as the primary backup at SS or also at 2B & 3B.

I'm with you on the anxiety

I'm with you on the anxiety about backup on the left side.

Juan Uribe has come up in rumors. He plays SS and 3B, yes?

I think Hoffpauir goes back to AAA to make room for Uribe.

Uribe'd be an interesting acquisition...

...but we've just now cleared out a part of our bench logjam. I'm starting to really sour on the Miles acquisition.


...they all come around at some point.

So far...

...the only name off of the Top 20 GROTA Prospects that is no longer here is Donnie Veal, and he was lost via Rule V, not via a trade.

I guess Hendry wants to keep his farm system static

I think Miles is intended to

I think Miles is intended to back up 2B, SS, and 3B. The other part is the fact that he switch hits.

Uribe's defense appears much better, though. Could Uribe be signed to hang out in AAA?


The Cubs already have a full-time shortstop in Ryan Theriot. They only need a backup, which is why they signed Aaron Miles, knowing that they intended to trade Cedeno. In a pinch, they could call up Luis Figueroa or Andres Blanco, who hit .300 and .285 in AAA last year. Their most highly touted SS prospect, Darwin Barney, hit .262 in high A ball last year. He's ranked among the Cub's top twenty prospects.

I am confused

I don't see much sense in this trade. The only 2 reasons I can see for making this trade is to 1) clear a spot on the 40 man roster 2) so Heilman can be the rh'd swing man and Samardzija can go back to the minors and be a full time starter. Am I missing something.

I agree that Samardzija is

I agree that Samardzija is likely in AAA at this point.

Heilman is something like the 7th or 8th starter, behind Marshall and Gaudin. Perhaps makes moving Marshall a little easier to do.

as you all know

I was beating the drum for Hendry to do SOMETHING with Pie and Cedeno.

I have to admit, however, that the end result isn't exactly thrilling.

Oh well, be careful what you wish for.

Aaron Heilman

Really? Aaron Heilman? thats it? In my eyes Heilman is about the same as Howry......not the smartest move in my eyes. I hope to Padres didnt want Olson in the Peavy deal or I am gonna be angry!!!


Heilman had an off year in 2008. But in each of the three previous seasons, he held the opposition to BA's ranging from .223 to .231, OBP's from .279 to .299, and OPS figures from .595 to .631. He was even better against righthanded hitters. In other words, Heilman is a quality pitcher who wants to start, and would be much better than Marquis in the fifth slot of the rotation. The Cubs essentially gave up Cedeno and Pie to get Heilman and minor league pitcher Henry Williamson, who at the age of 22 last year, had a 3.72 ERA and 1.03 WHIP with 42 K's and only 5 BB's between low A and high A ball. The result of the Pie and Heilman deals is definitely in the Cub's favor.

Nice analysis Dan. I agree

Nice analysis Dan. I agree with you.


No, guys, this doesn't blow up the possibility of getting Peavy. Olson was mentioned early on, but was not mentioned in the latest rumors. What I see here is that the possibility of getting Peavy remains intact while having a couple of good options for spot starters in case of injuries. The Red Sox have done well in past years conserving some guys down the stretch and also adapting when injuries strike. Last year was a bit of an exception. The Cubs are very well positioned to a) win the division as we all know, and b) have rested and outstanding pitching in the playoffs.
I still think the Peavy trade will happen, and I won't be shocked if Hendry makes another somewhat minor trade.


It would be wonderful if the Cubs would be able to add Peavy or Brian Roberts. But I hope they will at least sign Rich Aurilia and Dennys Reyes. They need a someone in the bullpen that can totally shut down LH hitters, and Reyes dominates lefties. Aurilia has put up tremendous splits versus LH pitching the past few years, so he'd provide tremendous value off the bench and could backup the infield corners and even the middle infield in a pinch. Miles, Aurilia, Hoffpauir, and Johnson would make for a quality bench.

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