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A nail in Cuban's coffin

Reports from the SEC have Mark Cuban accused of insider trading.  Cuban supposedly saved $750,000 back in 2004 by dumping stock shortly before a transaction.

Cuban lives in a country where people are innocent until proven guilty, but he's walking shaky ground here.  It's way too early to speculate on what will happen, but if he's convicted then he's at risk of losing control of his company, he's at risk of going to jail, and obviously he'll probably be officially out of the running to buy the Cubs.

I've said all along that Cuban is a sexy choice to own the Cubs because he represents something the team hasn't had in decades - a face for the team.  People know him, they know what he represents, and that flies in contrast with the Tribune, a company of people whose names I do not know and faces I would not recognize.  He also has the kind of competitor's spirit and pride that Cubs ownership has lacked since the time of the Depression.

But if Cuban fails to purchase the Cubs - something that is becoming more likely with every passing day now - then I can only hope that whoever buys the team shares his pride and desire to win.  The Cubs need - and Cub fans deserve - a guy like that.  But who knows if we'll ever see one?

I always wonder

...when things like this come out, considering its timing and the net worth of the people Cuban has been butting heads with, pertaining to the purchase of the Cubs:

- if this happened four years ago, then how come it is only coming out now? Did it take them THIS long to put all the pieces together? It sounds to me like this was a pretty cut-and-dried deal, if the allegations are true. Did it REALLY take four years to figure this one out, or did they only start looking on the behest of Really Rich Guys who Do Not Want Mark Cuban Owning the Cubs?

It is only cynicism when you talk about things that are implausable.

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