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Abreu to Chicago - 1 year, 8 million?

There's a huge difference between being offered a 1 year deal and accepting it, but Bobby Abreu just might be playing for the White Sox next year at a bargain.  Word on the street is that Abreu has been offered a 1 year, 8 million dollar contract - and this comes on the heels that Adam Dunn might also be a one-year-wonder for that much money or less.

Having signed Milton Bradley to a 3 year deal which could pay as much as 10 million per year, the Cubs are now going to have to deal with being second-guessed for a while - especially if Bradley goes down in a flaming ball of torn ligaments and rage. 

Realistically speaking, Bradley is the better defensive outfielder than Abreu even though Milton didn't spend a lot of time out there last year.  He's also a superior offensive hitter than Abreu, who's been on the decline for the last four or five years.  But the risks that accompany the Bradley signing are nowhere to be found with a guy like Abreu.  And if Abreu signs a one year deal for less than what Bradley is earning, I'd have a lot of trouble disputing people who feel the Cubs got the short end of the free agency straw.

Lovely trades, wonderful trades

Jim Hendry must've had the trading itch the other day because he sure got busy with Rich Hill and Michael Wuertz.  Hill landed in Baltimore for the infamous Player to be Named Later, while Wuertz settled into Oakland for a minor league infielder and outfielder.  I'm more sorry to see Wuertz go than Hill, as Michael has been nothing but steady in the bullpen -- except for when his mechanics got screwed up and he was tipping his pitches. 

Hey, with the free agent market looking this messy, maybe I'm wrong and Hendry will have a final move or two up his sleeve.  He didn't budget for some of the players still available, but the players still available were expected to go for a lot more money.  A late addition at this point has to be seen as possible.

Oh, and if I'm the Royals and I see the level of talent still available out there, I'm gritting my teeth and going into the red to bring those guys to K.C.  After all, when will there be another free agent buffet like this one for so cheap?

Three things. 1. Isn't the

Three things.

1. Isn't the first year of Bradley's deal worth $7MM ($5MM + $2MM bonus)? Then I think Year 2 is for $9MM, and the third year, at $12MM, doesn't hit unless Bradley plays something like 100 games.

Perhaps it's more fair to look at any Abreu deal this way - what does the team that signs Abreu for one year do in Year 2?

2. Anyone who's read my comments before knows I love fangraphs. Here's what that website lists as each player's value over the past four years:

Abreu - $14.1MM, $12.5MM, $11.6MM, $5.7MM
Bradley - $6.8MM, $10.3MM, $10.4MM, $19.4MM

Take that for what you will, I guess.

3. The White Sox, or any other AL team interested in Abreu, have the option of playing him at DH, avoiding the detriment of his poor defense. We don't have such a slot for him on our team.

That's all I can think of.


Nice post. When I first started reading this I thought you taking a jab at what I was saying the shout box. I was getting ready to throw down since that seems to be the trend over the past couple days. All in all, I agree with what you said. It would be nice to see Abreu in the two hole in the cubs lineup, especially if it is only for a year at less than 10 million. Then Lou can give Bradley a rest here and there as well as Soriano and still have very, very good options off the bench with Johnson and Fukudome. Money will be a big factor so this is probably wishful thinking. This and the fact that I don't think Abreu would even consider the offer by the Sox.

Because I think defense is

Because I think defense is important, I wouldn't want to see the Cubs move Bradley and sign Abreu ... but if Abreu lands somewhere for a year and chump change, I'll probably have a little bit of remorse that the Cubs didn't pursue him.

Meanwhile, Manny Ramirez turned down a 1-year, 25 million contract offer.

Seeing the White Sox make an

Seeing the White Sox make an offer to Abreu is pretty surprising to me, even if it was a low-dollar one year offer - unless they intend to unload Dye for a starting pitcher (Homer Bailey of the Reds has been mentioned before) or Paul Konerko to the Angels after they sign Abreu. I guess the biggest reason I would be surprised is because the team heads into spring training with bigger holes at 2B & 3B. In my opinion, a player like Orlando Hudson would make alot of sense for the White Sox, although I'm in no real hurry to see the Sox make good pickups and improve either.

Agreed with your appraisal

Agreed with your appraisal of their infield. The second base job is currently going to either Brent Lillibridge, Chris Getz, or some other dude that I forget the name of (which is lame of me since I was the one that wrote the MLBTR article in the first place). Doesn't Orlando Hudson at $8MM make more sense than Abreu?

I guess K-Will thinks 8mil is an excellent buy for Abreu, and about fair market price for Hudson. Personally, I would disagree with that stance.

According to ESPN, "The

According to ESPN,

"The Tampa Bay Rays made Abreu a one-year, $7.5 million offer earlier this offseason but then backed off when Pat Burrell agreed to a two-year, $16 million deal."

Does that make any sense?

Sure. Burrell is younger

Sure. Burrell is younger with higher upside.

Didn't realize that about

Didn't realize that about the age difference. I guess Tampa Bay pinned them both as DHs though, huh?

Also, I love the idea of the

Also, I love the idea of the KC Royals signing Manny for 4 years at 20 per.

That would be fun, but I'm

That would be fun, but I'm thinking more about the guys who are *discounts*

3/60? Is that a discount?

Is that a discount? If they're gonna benefit from the market, it's gotta be guys they sign to longer term deals, when their pitchers are older and better.

Dunn 4/40? Manny 4/50-60?

other free agents

I don't think you can compare Bradley's and Abreu's contracts. If I remember correctly everyone thought we got Bradley at a fair price when we signed him. This one of those situations where you buy a tv and a week later the same store has it on sale. If Abreu does sign for the 8 million that helps my pet cause, I think. I would like to see Hendry go after Ty Wiggington to back up 1/3/lf/rf. Wiggington made 4.3 million last year going with the 50% discount could we get him for about 2 million.

Wiggy's off the board. O's

Wiggy's off the board. O's got him.


I did not check today's transactions. Well at least I was in the ballpark with the contract.

wiggy 2

could he be the player to be named in the Hill trade? lol



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