Goatriders of the Apocalypse

The "I don't have any big weekend plans so why not" post

In case you haven't heard by now, the All-Star reserves have been chosen, and because it's the Law, Ted Lilly is our lone representative.  Ted is deserving, not so much for his 2009 more than his overall performance since coming here three years ago.  He is the best big-money free agent signing Jim Hendry has made for us (other than the renewal of Aramis Ramirez) and congratulations to Ted for his honor.  Perhaps one of the chosen first basemen will beg out of the game for one reason or another, and Derrek Lee might get to go, for he is deserving, but first base is quite the deep position in the NL. 

Kurt gave us his batting order thoughts on today's game preview.  I know he loves him some Sam Fuld, but unfortunately he may not have him around much longer, unless Hendry can invent an injury for Soriano and/or Bradley.  As you know, tomorrow, ARam is back, as is Reed Johnson and Angel Guzman.  Will tomorrow be the end of the David Patton era in Chicago?  Probably ought to be, but all indications are that to make room for the three returnees, the Cubs will be shoving aside two pitchers and one position player, which is either going to be Fox, Fuld, or Blanco. 

If that was the choice I was left with, Fuld is my choice.  I honestly believe that if Hendry was worth a damn, he'd work on either Bradley or Soriano to get them to take one of these "anxiety" DL trips that have been so popular in 2009.  Frankly, Bradley is a shoo-in.  That way we get to keep all the young guys that are busting ass.

Batting orders now.  I am still in favor of trading for a legitimate leadoff man - in fact, since Lilly made the All-Star team, his value will never be higher in scoring an Ian Kinzler or Curtis Granderson type (ain't NOBODY wanting Harden, unfortunately). 

Buuuuut, going with what we have, I am in favor of leaving Kosuke Fukudome up there.  He only has one offensive skill in the MLB - on base percentage.  I thought, coming here, he was born to hit second.  He has not hit with enough consistency, control or authority to be that second hitter.  Like we want some guy getting thrown out on a hit-and-run while Fooky spins like a top.  But he still has a .390 OBP.  He should bat leadoff until his contract expires, until we can trade him, or until we get a real leadoff hitter.  For $12.5 million, that's the least he can do for us.

So based on what is lying on the shelf, whether we can stick Don't Wake Daddy on the DL or not, this is what I'd run out there every day, starting tomorrow:

  1. Fukudome - CF (with White Slice against lefties)
  2. Theriot - 2B  (yep, second base)
  3. Ramirez - 3B
  4. Lee - 1B
  5. Hoffpauir - RF (with Fox against lefties)
  6. Soriano - LF (with frequent fill-ins from the Slice and Fox)
  7. Soto - C
  8. Blanco - SS (because, yes, I loves me some Andy White)


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