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Are We Becoming a Hook Up Generation?

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Many people in Canada are starting to ask a very valid question and that is are we becoming a hook up generation? What they mean by that is are we becoming a generation that is only interested in hooking up with partners for a casual night of sex only, abandoning the more traditional dating system.

Old Style Dating

Before the days of the internet, couples would first meet by accident in a supermarket or laundromat, introduce themselves and start to date or they would be introduced to each other by a mutual friend or in a nightclub or bar. Once introduced, if they seemed to get on, they may arrange a date and perhaps follow that with another date. After three or four dates the relationship may grow into one that involved sex.

Dating Today

Although the traditional method of dating does still exist, it is becoming rarer and rarer. One of the reasons for this dwindling in the traditional dating system is the introduction of not just dating sites but also what can be termed as hook up sites which specifically exist to introduce couples who want casual sex without the past necessity of having to go on several dates first.

Original Dating Sites

Dating sites have now been on the internet for several years and had become very popular. The sites first became popular for use by men who were tired of waiting for chance meetings or introductions to women. Later they also became popular with women as well, once they realized that the sites offered discretion however, in the vast majority of cases, these were sites that were meant to introduce couples for the traditional dating system, not for nights of no-strings-attached sex. It soon became clear though that people were using these sites in the hope of finding casual sex and that prompted the founding of hook up dating sites like first, Adult Friend Finder (AFF) and  later Tinder plus others.

Adult Friend Finder

AFF was founded in 1996 and has continuously grown in popularity, especially in the USA, Canada and the UK. The site was founded with the sole intention of introducing individuals, couples or groups of any sex or any sexual orientation, to other like-minded people to share their sexual preferences. The site requires a minimum of joining procedures in order to allow visitors to quickly get into the action which the site encourages its members to share. It was perhaps the rapid success of this site that prompted other, similar sites to open.


Tinder is one of these more recent sites and was founded in 2012 and in that short time has grown to become the largest online dating site with more than 50 million visitors each month. Although one of the reasons for this popularity is that it boasts to be for people to meet either for traditional romances or for casual hook ups but, it is clearly orientated more to those looking for casual hook ups than it is to romantic liaisons.

Growing Trend

The increasing popularity of these hook–up sites would certainly indicate that a growing number of people in Canada and elsewhere, are becoming more interested in casual hook ups than they are in meaningful relationships but the question is, is this just a fad or is it becoming the new traditional way od dating?


Indications would show that although the older among us may not be so fixated on easy hook-ups, the younger ones are. One of the reasons for this is probably the fact that the hook-ups sites have appeared more recently but figures show that the average age of hook-up site members is younger than the more traditional dating sites. However, figures can be deceiving as Tinder for instance, actively encourage younger members by charging those that are over 30 years of age, double the membership fees.


If we have not already become a hook up generation then we soon will be. The fact that now, hook ups have become easy from the day we want to start sexual activity, makes it something that the young will want to take advantage of, at least until they think they are ready to settle down, if they ever do. [...]

Is casual sex as easy as ordering a pizza?

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Well, the very fact that we are going to compare casual sex with ordering a pizza does tell you that it (hook up, casual sex) is quite easy nowadays. But is it as easy as having a pizza delivered anywhere anytime within just a few minutes of having the right ‘mood’? Well, the answer is sadly no as this is casual sex, not prostitution or escort service where you can ‘order’ sex anytime you want. But before you get disappointed, here’s the thing- getting casual sex might not be as easy as ordering a pizza but it surely is as easy as going to a cafe restaurant, choosing your dish from the menu and then enjoying it to the fullest of contentment only this time (in casual sex), you don’t pay a single penny. Believe it or not, the hook-up culture is on the rise and when i say it, I mean you can easily find a local horny girl in Sweden or Norway who doesn’t give a shit about what you feel about her but really does want to satisfy her self. Talking from my personal experience, you can get to befriend ravishing Scandinavian beauties on apps like C-Date (See more on C-date Norge and C-Date Sverige here!). Some of them would just talk while the rest would be too shy to share anything or show up for the decided ‘hook up’ but there are a few girls who do not shy away from exploring their dirty naughty side at all. How should one go about if they want to have a causal sex and just fuck without dealing with the tears and drama of a relationship? First of all, make an account on C-Date and then browse through the female members, short listing and liking a few members out of the whole grid. Now you might want to put in an attractive and hot photo of yourself for display, along with something interesting about you that might impress girls at first sight. And  you are ready to go...all you need to do is text a girl and wait for her response and you can take it from there to the next level. Now if the girl is like minded and has no issues in having casual sex with you, great, you just got laid and hooked up. All you need is a safe and discrete place to unleash each other’s dark side and the deepest sexual desires for a satisfying casual sex. Whether it is a one night stand, a fuck buddy relation or a multiple occasion casual sex scenario- make sure you respect the other person and respect their choices as well as desires. It’s easy to get a girl for casual sex in C-Date but you too need to be up for it. Finding a fling or having casual sex is not as tough as it might have been a few years back. After the introduction of dating apps and websites, you can now get laid with a stranger as early as you would like- easy, clean, discrete and completely safe; what else could you want? [...]

Sex before competition?

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As a professional athlete, I get asked this a lot. How does sex affect my performance? My own short answer is: I do not believe it does, and this is the position held by most the scientific and sporting community. That being said, Muhammad Ali famously abstained for six weeks before and fight and World Cup football (soccer) teams place, team wide, bans for the duration of the tournament. What evidence is there for this? Athletes love ritual. We are a superstitious lot, believing that our Wednesday lunch will give us superpowers, or our lucky cap will make us faster. Abstinence is just another form of ritual for some. Maybe they rationalise it differently. But when there is no scientific evidence to substantiate their arguments, I would say it is all in the mind. “Nothing is either good or bad thinking make it so.” That was Shakespeare. The 1,500m and one mile runner Marty Liquori, said “Sex makes you happy. Happy people do not run a 3:47 mile.” This is a mind-set a superstition, he gives this power by believing it. Sex is not just in the mind. It cause chemical, observable and measurable changes in the body. Intercourse, as my sex ed teacher used to call it, raises testosterone. Testosterone as we all know, is a chemical known to cause aggression. This could be advantageous in physical codes of sport and possibly a hindrance in others. The female orgasm may stop the release of a specific pain transmitter and help combat muscle pain. Dan Trink, a personal trainer and strength coach located in New York, said "While science does not back up the 'no sex before the big game' myth, there is one factor that will trump all others when it comes to an athlete's performance — his or her mindset. The studies are conclusive that sex does not affect an athlete’s performance. One study did find that having sex within two hours of the test made the subjects less attentive. But I would say most professional athletes are a bit preoccupied for cuddling, two hours before show time. There are a number of other factors which decrease performance, which athletes could be wrongfully attributing to sex. Former New York Yankees manager Casey Stengel said: “It’s not the sex that wrecks these guys, it’s staying up all night looking for it.” A study done by the Department of Exercise Physiology, College of St. Scholastica found that, the effects of sex, on measures like aerobic power and oxygen pulse among 11 men running on treadmills where non-existent. The men were tested twice, once having sex 12 hours before and once without sex. The data showed no difference in both experiments. I have never noticed a difference. When I have a big competition, I will abstain for no other reason than to get good sleep. Nerves also distance any thoughts of sex from my mind, and I don’t think it is right to use as a distraction. I know a lot of guys who claim they lose their edge, feeling slow and sluggish after they satisfy their primal urges. These are the same guy who wear dirty sock on game day and carry black ribbons in their bags.  Not enough research has been done as to the psychological side of things. But my money is on them thinking themselves out of the game. I think that a health sex life builds self-esteem and confidence. If research has shown that superstition can improve an athlete’s performance then I can surely negatively impact it. This is a psychological as opposed to a physiological response. I am not much of a superstitious person, and that follows me into my sporting career. [...]

Why you shouldn’t have sex with your fans

Being an athlete is not without its perk. It has opened doors for me which were sealed shut. Fame and success also have a tendency to open legs. Woman, pretty on the eyes, who promise me the stars, if I would just do them the honour of doing them. You must think I am the luckiest man on earth. These woman tempt but that is all they are, temptation. They have decided to sleep with a stranger because of his status quo. They do not know me from a bar of soap. Call me old fashion, but this is an undesirable trait in my eyes, and I tend to abstain, fans are off limits. I have slipped up before. I’m only human, but it is not worth it. The way they idolise me, it feels artificial, plastic, a relationship they have in their head with a TV personality and I am just the physical aspect of it. Again, you must hate me, poor guy adored by beautiful woman, but I would ask you to reserve your judgment until you have been there. The unspoken aspect of not sleeping with your fans, is that regardless of what we amount to in life the bedroom is where the biggest and bravest of men go to get their feelings hurt. There are a hundred tabloids eagerly waiting for that fan who can give them the scoop, as to how I performed, and an honest review is never a best seller. Maybe I am just paranoid, but millions of woman read those magazines. It is confidence and self-esteem that give me an edge in my line of work, and I cannot have a money hungry fan derail all of that, with the glossy pages of trash reporting. I try keep my best side in the public spot light. I want to be a role model for young people. My mother reads those magazines, and I am never too old for a good smack across the back of the head. Being a good boy makes it easier to get sponsorships and I get invited to nice events. I don’t want to taint my name. My image also affect my proper relationships, how am I to convince a nice woman that I am boyfriend or husband material when a nude photo of me pops up in her Facebook news feed. I am an athlete on the field, off the field I want a normal life and sex life. [...]