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Least Favorite Cub

I have five, count 'em, five Least Favorite Cubs to write about.  Well, actually, there have been many, many, oh so many Cubs I have disliked, but I figured I would keep it down to five.

But before I throw my L.F. Five at you (and SURPRISE!  Sammy Sosa is NOT #1) I'd like it if you chimed in with yours.  Either comment, use the Shout Box, post, do whatever you'd like. 

I feel that 2011 is something of a fresh, new start for us, 

Well, that may be a bit much.  There isn't as much "fresh" and "new" as I'd like, but I am trying my damndest to get into a fresh, new mindset, and a big part of that is letting go of some of the negative energy.

Let's hear about the Cubs in history that you really couldn't stand, the ones you hated to see, you went to take a whiz whenever they came up to hit, or you switched off the tv when they took the mound.  Guys that left you less than proud that you were a Cub fan.

Get it out of our systems, and plow into the season coming up.  This weekend is the big Kubs Kool-Aid Konvention, which means Pitchers-and-Catchers is coming up in a few weeks. 

GARZA!  NOLASCO!  RAMIREZ!  RAMIREZ!  It's the 2011 NLDS Playoffs, Cubs vs. Marlins, on TBS!!

Huh?  How do you like that?

Milton Bradley! Todd

Milton Bradley! Todd Hundley! Fred McGriff! Danny Jackson! LaTroy Hawkins!

Does Dusty Baker count?

Least Favorites

Milton Bradley, LaTroy Hawkins, Corey Patterson, Will Ohman, and Cesar Izturis

Kent Mercker

I still blame that asshole for inciting a trumped up feud with Steve Stone, creating a huge clubhouse distraction, and possibly causing enough damage to keep what I think was the best Cubs team of my lifetime out of the playoffs in 2004. Go to hell, Mercker.

I'm not sure this really

I'm not sure this really fits, but I have another thing to add. I don't hate Scott Eyre by any stretch, but he did deliver the worst "shaking my head in disbelief" moment of my Cubs fandom. I can't find the interview, but some of you will remember that Eyre once admitted that he chose to sign with the Cubs because he believed Dusty wouldn't make him run sprints in the outfield before games. Even if that was true, why on Earth would you admit to such a thing?!?!

Also, Eyre is at least partially to blame for Derrek Lee's broken wrist in 2006. If he wasn't such a gastropod, he probably doesn't flop to the ground while ATTEMPTING TO BEND OVER, causing him to make a bad throw to first, and placing Derrek directly into serial drunk driver Rafael Furcal's path of destruction.

Bottom 5

Kyle Farnsworth (eventhough I must admit knocking Paul Wilson out was a great show to watch): He always walked the first batter when he came into a game.

Phil Nevin: Not only did Hendry wait too long to find someone to replace DLee in 06 but he went out and got this slob. Actually, I would like to make a motion to ban the 2006 season from the record if that is possible.

LaTroy Hawkins: I hated Dempster closing but Hawkins made him look like Mariano Rivera. What a Joke.

Cesar Izturis: This is all we got from Greg Maddux??? He was suppossedly a phenomenal defensive player but I really didn't even see that much out of him.

Alex Gonzalez: Contrary to most Cubs fans, I wasn't all that mad at Bartman in 03 simply because the very next ball was a routine hit to Gonzalez that he booted. For this he will never be forgiven.

5. Fred McGriff - For

5. Fred McGriff - For handcuffing us for over a month before finally approving the trade.
4. Corey Patterson - So much talent, yet so little results.
3. Todd Hundley - I once waited outside for an Autograph for the players leaving the hotel. Moises Alou,Kyle Farnsworth and Ron Santo all stopped. Hundley said he didn't have time and walked down the sidewalk to smoke.
2. Juan Pierre - Total waste that season. I blame Hendry mainly, but damn he was bad.
1. Alex F. Gonzalez - No. 1 with a bullet. Ground ball, talking about skating off easy for one of the all-time blunders.

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