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Bush was throwin toast...Cubs 12 Brewhas 2

Wendy and I went to our first ballgame of the year today, and it appears we picked a winner.  Everybody hit, even the pitcher, even Ramirez.  It helped that Dave Bush is quite possibly the easiest pitcher to hit I have ever witnessed since Rick Sutcliffe was on his last comeback back in the day.

It was a good day, when you stick around to see if Colvin could get the cycle.  It was a good day when a mope came in wearing a bedsheet like a cape with the Cubs "logo" painted on it, instead it said "Choke".  He held it up before the game, and after the first inning.  Dang it if I didn't see it again the rest of the game.  It was a good day when I called Colvin's shot, and when I noted that DLee needed to "get better", I was asked to explain myself, and a second later, when his ball crashed into the back wall, I just said "never mind, don't know what I'm talking about." 

Randy Wells is not a "stuff" guy, as we all know.  He is a control guy, I have dared compare him before to a former pitcher who is now a Special Assistant for us, who has his number on a flagpole.  I'll do it again.  Guys go up there, pop his stuff up, and slam their damn bats in disgust.  You think you can hit him, but obviously not.  He could be good for a long time in this league, because often "stuff" fails you, but command is forever.

As for the hitters...I was MFing The Riot today, as he was crashing homers at batting practice.  Oh Jesus Kaay-rist, I said, that's all he needs.  I guess he managed to dial things down a bit for the game.  Colvin is the truth, people.  Lou has to play him, don't know how.  Soriano was STRONG today, but has never and will never understand how to work a pitcher.  He is the John Daly of baseball, grip it and rip it. 

You wonder if all number 8 hitters should just do what Geo Soto is doing right now.  I dunno how long his patience is going to last, but he simply refuses to swing unless it is HIS pitch.  As a result, his OBP is around .550.  Yes, small sample size be damned, that's just sick. 

As for Ramirez, have you noticed how THIN he is?  He is a good 15 pounds less than usual, and he never really had to lose any.  I wonder if we are going to find out if he was really sick this winter, or maybe there was a problem with his rehab.  But his shirt just hangs off of him, and I wonder if there is any correlation between that and his weak performance so far?

But before we go ahead and declare our offense healed, keep in mind how piss poor the Brewers pitching is when Gallardo doesn't take his turn.  Jeff Suppan got Zambrano'd after his Friday start, and Bush was simply useless today.  Let's take baby steps here,  Tomorrow we entertain the friggin' Nationals, who at this point, even after our series sweep, still have a better record than us.  Let's see how that goes.

Oh yeah, some mope leaned over too far today and fell 15 feet onto the field.  Heh heh, that rocked!  That rocked!  Heh heh.

Our Offense

may not cured but it's clear that our pitching/defense is. Even a mediocre offense against the Brewers best (read Gallardo) would equal at least 2 wins this weekend as the Cubs pitching is for real. The Cubs may have the best starting rotation in the NL. That will result in a bunch of good weekends like this even when the offense reverts back to mediocre.

The following comment will ruin Wells' season...

...but he is the first Cubs pitcher since (I'm almost ashamed to admit) Mary Prior, that I've developed a Man Crush for. If he would've gotten ANY run support when he first came up last year, he could have easily had 16-18 wins.

This Man Crush does feel a bit different, though. A well-located pitch, no matter the velocity or amount of break, usually has a better result than a 96 MPH fastball or huge bender that's right down the middle. When Wells misses, its usually down in the zone because he's not trying to break the radar gun. Add to that his mental makeup...dude doesn't seem to be affected by anything, regardless of the situation...and you've got one helluva pitcher.

I'm not trying to say Randy will be a perennial Cy Young contender or anything, but I do think he has the ability to be a great asset to the Cubs' rotation for many a year to come.

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