Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Also today in baseball history

newspaper out of Tampa reports that Bradley's contract with the Cubs will be formally announced later this week. 

The general response to this news is one of celebration and brow-wiping by the Goat Riders (who feared that Dunn would get his Wrigley Field wish) while Al Yellon is gently shaking with rage because the Cubs chose talent over character. 

But hey, when they have the Character Guy World Series, while Bradley would lose, we can take comfort in knowing that he will pummel the winner.

UPDATE - It's official - multiple reports are saying 3 years for $30 million.  Now that the offense is complete, it's time to try to upgrade the backend of the rotation or bullpen.  And then ... Yes They Can.


Pat Burrell signed with the Tampa Bay Rays

Bruce Levine reports that

Bruce Levine reports that Bradley is done. 3yr/30M

If he lasts the season

If he lasts the season without getting injured I'll be surprised. Meh. Whatever. He only played 165 (?) innings in the field last year?

20 out of 124 or so starts

20 out of 124 or so starts were made in the outfield in 2008

Which would put him within

Which would put him within range of the number of starts that Adam Dunn has had in RF ... in other words, so?

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