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Bradley proof of Murphy's Law?

New and fragile Cub Milton Bradley has already been removed for injury this spring, despite making only one appearance so far.  Hopefully it isn't a sign of things to come.   He apparently has a "tight quad," which occurred - in his own words - because sometimes when you work hard things get tight.

I'm hardly a genius or anything, but I always thought that leg injurys tend to be symptomatic of not maintaining muscle.  For example, when Moises Alou signed his big contract with the Cubs before the 2002 season, he spent that first year often injured and underproductive in part because he didn't work enough the previous winter to stay in shape.  For a guy like Bradley, who already has an injury-prone reputation, coming to Spring Training out of shape would be terminal.  Let's hope he's just been working too hard.

Oh, and in the last Bench Aaron Miles! plug until March at least, I wrote an article for AJ's new blog in which I go into epic detail as to why the guy belongs on the bench.  I may have even thrown in a hobbit reference, so I welcome you to go check it out.

We are going to be dealing

We are going to be dealing with this Bradley stuff all year!

I'll tell you the same thing

I'll tell you the same thing I've told others ... posting links without permission is akin to spamming. Please refrain. That said, I know you EMailed us in the recent past asking if we'd talk about your website, and I promise you we will in the near future.

That's what she said.

That's what she said.

Bradley is a dog. SO WHAT

Bradley is a dog. SO WHAT if I am jumping the gun. I still remember the last two Octobers when the Cubs stepped on their DI_ _ S! As a fan, I want to root for a team full of guys with heart, like, um...Mark DeRosa.

And how do you know that

And how do you know that Bradley has no heart?

I think

he's confusing Bradley with the Tin Man. Happens to me all the time.

It is extremely early for

It is extremely early for the smoke alarms to be going off with Milton, but this doesn't do much to lessen the image of him being viewed as a fragile or injury-prone player. There's really only two things that concern me about this. First, is that a quad injury is not a good one to have to deal with, as it can be a nagging injury and one that is quite easy to re-injure later. And secondly, the injury is taking place in the warm-weather atmosphere of spring training, so if he has trouble stretching and staying lose there what will happen in the 30-40 degree weather the cubs will see in Chicago in April? Overall, I think this is a pretty minor event, but the fear certainly exists that he could come back too soon and re-aggravate the injury. Murphy's Law is the one about good alcohol not freezing when you put it in the freezer right?

My Old Styles definitely

My Old Styles definitely turn solid in the freezer. But I know that shiotte is good.

Hard alcohol or liquor not

Hard alcohol or liquor not beer. But a frosty beer can be tasty too if you have good timing.

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