Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Bradley fills the sinkhole

The Tribune has an article today about Milton Bradley and his new role with the Cubs.

I think that it will be - at the very least - an interesting ride.  Milton has struggled when criticized by the media (and it's not like the Chicago media are saints), he's responded to being called racist names by people at the ballpark (and it's not like all bleacher bums are a far stretch from being racist) and, most importantly, he's hit the ever-loving crap out of the ball.

At this point, based on all factors, I'd have put him ahead of Dunn and Abreu, but behind a trade for a young left-handed outfielder like Andre Ethier.  I'd also let him cut in front of me in line any time he wanted, I'd speak to him only when I was spoken to, and I'd carry all his stuff.

By the end of the year I think one of two things will have happened.  Either Bradley will be Public Enemy #1 in Chicago, or we'll all own his jerseys.  Hope for the latter, can't wait to find out.

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