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Bob Brenly Brewer Bound?

Word on the streat is that Bob Brenly has been offered a chance by the Milwaukee Brewers to hop back into the saddle and manage the team.  The rumored deal is worth 1.25 million a year.

Although he just signed a 4 year, 3.5 million extension with WGN on September 13th, Brenly very well might take this gig - lord knows he's wanted another crack at managing a team.  It'll be an interesting scenario for the Cubs if only because a) Brenly has seen the team a lot which theoretically gives him a managerial advantage and b) he's actually a mediocre skipper so he'd need any advantage possible to win.  Not to mention c) the Brewers had their chance, but they're about to become middling again.

If Brenly does find himself Cheeseward Bound, Len Kasper will be without a partner and the Cubs will probably have a little bit of trouble filling his shoes.  Basically, the problem is that, while Bob Brenly is certainly no Steve Stone, there aren't many available guys out there who are Bob Brenly.  However, here's a short list of the team's options, primarily consisting only of guys I can think of off the top of my head, and the odds of their taking the job.

Steve Stone - 0. Sorry, folks.  The Pompous-But-Lovable-Douchebag that is Steve Stone is locked up for 6 years with the White Sox.  I'm afraid he'll never again call a game for the Cubs.

Rick Sutcliffe - 20 to 1. It's like if Harry Caray and Steve Stone had a lovechild.  A Cy Young pitcher with a keen understanding of the game who loves his booze and often sounds as though a denist injected him with a little too much Novocaine.  Sutcliffe will always have a warm spot in his heart for the Cubs, but he probably won't take the job.  He had an opportunity for the gig Back Before Brenly, but he refused it because he wasn't keen on working 162 games.  In fact, that's a major problem.  In many cases, guys don't want to work a full schedule anymore.

Dan Plesac - 5 to 1. Plesac already works for Comcast Chicago, covering Cubs games.  Perhaps the biggest compliment and strongest criticism I can make about Plesac is that, although I'm sure I've heard him call games in the past, I have no memory of his delivery or style.  I guess that means he's boring, which is better than annoying, but worse than good.  (Side note: Some people are far more critical of Plesac than I am.  It appears as though he actually sucks quite horrifically.  One person actually said "I'd take Joe Carter over Dan Plesac."  Ouch.)

Joe Carter - 100 to 1. Pleasegodnopleasegodnopleasegodnopleasegodno.  Joe Carter and Chip Caray had to have equaled, bar none, the worst broadcasting team in the history of the world, even counting the Stuttering Charlie and Beepo the Monkey experiment executed by the Browns back in the Veek days.

Dave Otto - 4 to 1. Otto is another guy who hangs his hat in Chicago, often filling in for Ron Santo on the radio side.  He also worked along side with ::shudders:: Chip Caray back in what I like to call The Dark Ages.  He's probably a better choice than Plesac.

Mark Grace - 4 to 2. A long-time favorite of Cub fans, Grace would probably punch his own grandmother for the chance to work the booth in WGN.  The only unfortunate part of this - he's not very good and, more importantly, he may be too much of an uncontrollable element for the Cubs to trust him calling the games.  He just might be a bit too critical.

Ron Santo - 50 to 1. Actually, I think I'd really enjoy Santo joining Kasper, even though he's an unbearable homer at times.  The thing is, Santo really has a niche on the radio side, and I don't think the Cubs would want to break up the Santo-Hughes team.

Dark Horse Candidates, according to speculation at Desipio: Doug Glanville, Keith Moreland, Eric Karros.

Kurt's Preferred Choice: Bob Brenly.  Sorry, Fire Bob Brenly, I don't think any of the available options would do as good a job.

I know he'll never get the job...

But if Johnny cakes leaves the booth, I would love to see the one they call "Mud", Mark"Mudcat" Grant, get the job. Being somewhat of an insomniac,and just an extra Innings Baseball loser, I see more Padres games than a baseball fan should. And they're highly entertaining. The man's ability to Quote Caddyshack is second to none and he usually has good shit to say.

Unfortunately the guy seems perfectly happy in San Diego. Everyone seems perfectly happy in San Diego. Junior Seau looked unhappy,and he left. Whatever for him,the point is,I doubt Mr.Mudd would leave his little Shangri-la to come to the midwest,even if he is a semi-local boy. (he's from LaGrange, or Naperville......I forget. When it comes to Chicago, you either live in the city, or you don't count. I give a pass to those from Evanston. But Skokie and Winnetka....yeah,you don't fucking count!) I digress.

I'f Brenly leaves, I'd like to Mud Grant replace him.

leave Santo where he is

I actually listen to the radio broadcast more, so my main vote is to leave Santo where he is.

I have heard Karros on the radio doing interviews and I think that he could bring an edge to the broadcast, but isn't he pretty deep in the LA Dodgers life?

Just throwing these names out there...

Mike Krukow or Gary Mathews

Both have Cub history. Heard decent things about Krukow.

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