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the coaching dilemma

does a coach matter?  does he make a good team better, a bad team good, and simply babysit a great team?  Or is he a human relations guy, who's job is to put out fires, create line-ups, and do a few other jobs.  It is a difficult dilemma.  If we believe that a good coach matters then we have to determine if we feel that Lou is doing a good job.  If a coach does not matter then fire Lou and see if a different guy doing the human relations thing can motivate the boys.  Trouble is that there are examples of both options being a viable option.  The Bulls of the 90's under the zen master himself are a great example.  Phil merely steadied the ship while Michael and the crew went out and destroyed the rest of the NBA.  On the other hand, look at the job both of the coaches in LA are doing.  Joe Tore turned the Dodgers into a serious team that finds ways to win.  And Mike Sosha is a witch at making the absolute most out of what he is given every year.  There is also the case of Dusty a.k.a. wrist bands Baker who took a good team and a potential pitching staff to rival the Braves of the 90's and ran them both into the ground with approaches like "don't clog the bases with walks", or "pitch counts? we don't need no stinking pitch counts".                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The question here is, what should we do with Lou?  He is a manager who has a history of mismanaging bullpens (though that is a complant of many good managers), but he also has had great success.  Should we look to Colorado?  Many would say that Clent Hurdle wasn't the problem, however the turnaround is beyond question and more than a simple bump in 2 or 3 wins.  I don't think that anyone is prepared to say that Jim Tracy is that kind of genious as a manager.  How about the Marlins of 2003.  They fired a good coach and brought in a washed up has-been to keep the seat warm while they found a manager for the next season.  What happened, well they broke all of our collective hearts.                                                                                                                                                    I don't have a real answer, but here's a thought that has been kicking around in my mind.  Fire Lou and bring up Ryno.  Let's see if he's ready for prime time or if he needs a bit more seasoning.  You could give him the dreaded "interum" tag and say it's only until the season is over, but at least the rest of the season isn't a complete waist.  And who knows, maybe the team would respond to a no nonsense friggin' Hall of Famer and put together an improbable run of theirown.  Either way, cub fans would understand what was going on and we could sit back and watch the season with fresh eyes. 

on geo and other ruminations

Another day, another post on the sophmore slump that Geo is experiencing.  Kurt just posted several interesting concepts on why Geo is not the player that he was last year.  If Geo is in fact injured, then lets blow this season up and shelve him get him healthy, have Aramas get his shoulder repaired, move Harden to the closer role, and teach Fox to play a position (any position, maybe right field).  As for the Board Game (Milton Bradley) piss or get off the pot.  If he needs surgery then get it, if he's healthy then get on the field.  Micah Hoffpauir is proving that he is a capable player at this level, though I don't think he's a long term answer.  I think if we can consider trading Big Z, then we have to seriously consider what we can get for D-Lee.  The stud of the past doesn't look like he will ever return.  Be it his wrist injury or age or whatever, he isn't the long-term answer at 1st base either.  We had a window two years ago and it apears to be closing.  I'm a long suffering cubs fan as much as the rest of you, but I believe in building for long term success.  We have several pieces to the puzzle and more in the pipeline, but some of our aging heros may need to be aging in someone elses uniform.  Take a lesson from the Boston Red Socks.  They are much less attached to their heros, Damon, Manny, and soon to be Big Poppy (if they stay true to form).  What all the answers are I don't know, but it seems this season is dragging on and we are just hanging around.  I don't see us going anywhere at this rate, so why don't we just make plans for the future and not hold out "silly" hope for every season.?   then again, maybe what we should do is shoot for the wild card, catch fire in September, and then win a completely unexpected world series.  Go Cubs Go. 

my appoligies

hi all,  clearly someone has userpped my account name and used it for clearly awful shouts.  i'm sorry if anyone thought that was me, i don't use that sort of language.  i think i'll change my user name.  sorry all, the real ChrisL

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