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My outlook entering tonight.

Game 1 hurt. The innocence of this team has been completely demolished. Looking down from afar, they look the same as all the other cubs teams. Personally, I'm not much better.I'm devastated. My faith in the goodness of the world has been destroyed, after one game. (I'm not actually that bad, I'm not straddling the ledge like so many other cubs fans, but I am pretty bummed) It reminds me of the movie Platoon a little bit, after they find the one soldier has been tortured and mutilated and killed by the vietcong, and they are full of hatred. Ryan Dempster's body is laying in the middle of some river in Vietnam, his blood trickling away with the slow current, and I'm pissed about it. Thats how I feel.

But today, Zambrano pitches. Zambrano is crazy and unreliable and damn talented and unpredictable. He will be fired up, and he wants to win this game probably more than any person on the planet. He's been so hit and miss this season that he can't be trusted, but his intensity and his not give a fuck attitude is perfect for this situation.

In Platoon, after the guy is killed they are pissed off. And they have to take a village following Tom Berenger's character, who they hate because he is crazy and kills everyone, and they know they can't trust him. But after he finds his friend's body in the river, Charlie Sheen says about Barnes(Tom Berenger): "Barnes was the eye of our rage. And through him, our captain Ahab, we would set things right again. That day we loved him."

To me, that is how I feel about Zambrano. As a cubs fan, our sense of rationality is gone. Zambrano's antics this year have given many cubs fans headaches (not me, I still love him), but I even am queasy about him starting this game with the way he has been pitching. However, his intensity, his qualities that make him so frustating and worrisome, are exactly what make him so appealing today. Not despite of, but because of his flaws, this is the man I want on the mound today. And despite everything that has been said in the media, Z has a history of being clutch. (Sorry, season openers don't count)

Of course, in the movie, they turned to Barnes and he killed innocent people and he just typically fucked everything up until Willem Dafoe comes into stop it, which is a distinct possibility with Zambrano today. But following Zambrano, the face of the organization, at this stage, in THIS game, doesn't just feel right, it is right.

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