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The "Night Stalker" and the long haul

Once upon a sunny dog-day dreary I pondered weak and weary over a Cubbie-related queary... Can it be as simple as" It's the day games stupid " !

Mike Royko wrote "It's not the damn Billy Goat" that was responsible for so many years of losing but cheap, stupid, rascist-like  policies of the chewing-gum magnate.

You would think 101 years would have at least produced one series victory. 1908 is a long-ass time ago Virginia !  Santa aint around to teach Soriano how to field or Bradley how to...field and hit and count.

Could it be the park ? Wrigley is what it is. Our shrine to afternoons and cutting classes ,frosty malts, old style , left field sucking or was it right field sucking and occassionally baseball that is worth watching.

Unfortunately look around at the new-old parks in Philly, Pittsburgh, San Diego etc...see how beautiful they are, how close you are and just imagine how nice the clubhouse is for the players.

Could it be the day games ? If Harden is affected by it how many others are in ways that can't be quantified ? I have sat near the dugout in the sun and at night and can tell you there is a big difference. it's hard work hefting the beer cup and cold hot dog just imagine playing.  Can it really be that simple ? Don't you think that 81 games the majority in the sun and heat can add up at season's end ? Is there a difference with the wind speed and direction at night ? If every other team is playing mostly at night or indoors and we are not could it really be one of the big factors in the 101 year drought? 

I was reminded of that last year on Sep 20th when my family rested their arms on the brick wall decked out in Cubbie Blue getting sprayed by Champagne -wielding Mark DeRosa watching our team celebrate like it was the world series instead of only a stinking Division crown. How beautiful the day was with bright blue sky.How horrible the playoffs against the Dodgers.

Could it be that simple that the last team to go to lights and occassional night games just needs more of them ? I know it's a tired old argument but one I think needs revisiting. Kurt are ther any stats to show wind speed and direction during the day and at night ? Should I just delete the previous rambling diatribe and continue to watch and wait and wonder and worry and watch and wait and wait......

It's my right and I'll cry if I want to

There has been entirely too much optimism and "oh thank you Cubbies for a great year" posts from fans with not enough Cubbie's history lessons.  ENOUGH.Yell

After watching Boston win their Division series tonight here are some random thoughts from a bitter, jealous rambling incoherant Cus fan.

WHERE IS THE PROGRESS? Yes I know two division titles . Yay.Frown

On this website I was told when I predicted that this years team did not "have it" that I would have no right to partake in the celebration when they did win it. I guess you have to drink the Kool-aide without asking any questions.

I was at the "clincher" with my family on the Saturday game against the Cardinals. It was one of the most beautiful days to be at Wrigley field ever. My daughters are now infected and cried themselves to sleep after the infield booted every Zambrano sharpley hit grounder on Thursday night. The celebration after the clinching was bigger than any World Series winning celebration I had ever seen. I had hoped we at least would have saved that for an NLCS. At least we were spared the embarrasment of Division clinching caps and tee-shirts. NOT. Almost as bad as the "Wild Card" tee-shirts from 98. Whoopee I'm a Cubs fan I have a meaningless shirt. At least wear the 1908 Series shirt for God's sake.

How many sharply hit grounders were fielded by Boston tonight ? How many two out hits?  How about relievers that come in and do not give up a home run every time they pitch. How many batters took pitches, fouled off close ones and made the pitchers work ?

Derosa is a keeper. He has heart and versatility. Dempster did not have it but Lou did not realize it. Demp busted his ass this year and deserves to stay. Kerry deserves to stay. Howry goes. Theriot stays. Fountenot stays. Soto stays. Johnson better stay. Edmonds goes. Fukodome I have no idea.

Let's talk about the last month of the season when every reliever coming in gave up a  run or so it seemed. Let's talk about Aramis...the new A-Rod and Vlad . Awesome in the regular season pitiful when it really counts. D-Lee is on the downside. Show me otherwise.

Every playoff team has those players that step up and get hot when it counts and I bet that Hoffpauir, Fontenot and Johnson would have been those players. Finally let's call a piece-of sh...t a piece of sh...t . Soriano is more selfish and less productive than steroid enhanced Sammy. No offensive production. Very little defense. Big mouth. I saw him lost without a clue up against the vines on clincher Saturday. Yes I know he can throw runners out whoopee.he has to he let's them get on ! What a ridiculous waste of money. " He can carry a team "! Yeah for about two weeks.

Boston blew it like the Cubs did in 2003 but stormed back in 2004, 2007 and moving again when it counts in 2008. Jim Hendry you are overmatched. Lou Pinella you Dustified us two years in row. Soriano please leave. How many more reconstructed and failing arms can we sign to the pitching staff ? Wow that Harden was a great pick-up ! Has to leave in the fifth inning so our give em a run bullpen can come in earlier.

By the way the shrine is a great idea maybe someone can add a Division championship tee-shirt to it. Thank you for letting me vent and good night.

Tis better to sneak in or cruise in ? That is the question

2003 Cubs mid season aquisitions energize the club(like a true lead off hitter) we get into the playoffs just barely as a hot team that has just caught fire. 2008 dominate the National league and you know what has just happened. Lou's Mariners. This years' Angels.. This year the Dodgers have a massive mid-season aquisition that super charges the club they just get in and blow out the stronger(on paper anyways) team. Why have so many wild card teams done so well? What happened to Reed Johnson and for God's sake somebody tell me where the frosty malts are!

The Six Stages of Cubs Grief

Denial: NO not again ! Anger : Damn Not again ! Bargaining: Ok I won't kick any more stuffed animals if you please let them win. Depression: They're not going to do it are they? Acceptance: OK same as it ever was. Repeat Denial: Maybe next year I will stop caring.

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