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Batting Order

The Cubs Batting order Would look a lot better like this

1.Ryan Theriot ( I feel that all around The Riot is best fitted for the leadoff hitter he had a solid 387 OBP, He is good for 20 to 25 stolen bases, He has good speed to score a lot of runs,  and He can not any worse than Soriano is as a leadoff hitter.) Bats Righty

2.Mike "The Fonz" Fontonot ( This and the Fact we added Bradley are the only reason's I am not mad because we got rid of DRO. I think Fontonot will hit 20+ HR's will continue to Have A really hi OBP and will hit a lot of Doubles Setting him up for a lOT of Runs. He almost has to much power to be here but if not here than he will be slotted for way farther down in the order I want him to have as many as At bats as possible.) Bats Lefty 

3. A-ram ( I believe A-ram is our most clutch hitter. I think he will get a lot more RBI's Without D Lee hitting into so many Double Plays, and The Riot and The Fonz who will be in front of him will be On Base Machines. We basically know what we are getting out A-Ram 25-35 Homeruns, 110+ Rbi's. I am not setting A-ram batting 3rd in stone but I think its worth a try.) Bats Righty

4.M Bradley ( I think Bradley will be the best all around hitting Chicago Cubs in 2009. I think he IF healthy is capable of hitting 30+ HR's A lot of RBIs.) Bat Lefty

5. A- Soriano ( Soriano's Average might go down here but either way he is going to swing for the fences. We might as well let him swing for the fences with people on base. Not to mention we put him as Leadoff hitter because he gets so called fastballs yet he seems to strike out a lot on of breaking balls outside.) Bats Righty

6. Derek Lee ( I think Derek Lee is on the downside of his Career. I hope I am wrong But I just don't see him breaking 25 HRs, Or even 300 Batting AVG this year. He should Be put down into the order.) Bats Righty

7. Geovanny Soto( On a lot of other clubs he would bat 5th or 4th Which For being in a 7 spot is amazing to say the least. I think his production from last year will rise 20-30%.) Bats righty

8. Koske Fukudome ( We can only Hope for Fukudome. Best Case scenerio Fukudome can rebound and have really good production. Worse Case scenerio he can struggle and can sit and Reed Johnson Can fill in and be really good. In my opinion it takes Cross country players at least 2 years to feel comfortable and My HOMEYY will recover and have a solid 275-285 avg with 15 stolen bases and 15 HR's.) Bats Lefty


In Conclusion My Batting Lineup Goes Like this... Batters Bat. R,L,R,L,R,R,R,L,P.

In Late Game Innings that would be a tough call for a manager to put a lefty or a righty in the game.


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