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WHO'S NEXT????????

ha ha had to throw in the bill goldberg one for all of ya! time to play with the snakes- now we have m brad to add to our arsenal now we can speculate who's next. i keep readin the possiblity of rehashing the peavy ordeal but i dont think it is absolutely needed- per se but dont get me wrong i would love to see us have another arm good for 15+ wins per yr in the rotation but cannot see us dumping to pads just to get him and the 64 mil still owed to him. plus my key here is we have good arms ready to pitch when do we pull the trigger and let em? we might have a 15+ game winner here already and didn cost us a dam thing but a slot in the rotation and patience to let it happen. i do however agree we are not done yet- still to many extra players that need a new home( pie,cedeno, etc etc), maybe another bat for bench and maybe a new lh rel for the pen, but at the same time i think it will be something big maybe another salary dump and a better bat somewhere or as stated WHO's NEXT?????

i call bs

i call bull sh*t 1st!!!!!!!!!!! we are sitting around 2nd guessing cubs upper management like we dont have jobs or anything better to do!!! here is my proposed plan for the rest of the off season for trades and free agent signings----- #1 why make up our minds on who would be best for our of and lh bat- lets sign both dunn and bradley making both x dollars and incentive laden for 2 yrs each. 2nd dump marquis and his lousy contract as well as pie and while we are at it also include cedeno. next lets just see who wants to pony up what for derosa. the master plan here is dump some contracts to open up cash and pick up some prospects for our failing farm system- losing those 4 will not kill us. use hoff off the bench, dunn and bradley in rf -using off bench as needed(using to fill in as needed) keep gaith as utility and speed runner, then we need a body that can be used only on inf needs for maybe a pickup of 1-3 mil a yr to spot riot and font- or even better pickup in one of these trades a better ss and use riot as the sub for 2b and ss. we would still have extra bodies and not alot of extra cash being used and get rid of some of this dead wood off the books- put us into a win now mode and give us the extra bats we are so craving!!!!  so now we would have the pitching, the bench and the lineup with extra lh bats in it that lou so craves and the bullpen will hold its own (or pickup extra closer /back end pitcher ie huston street) and close out the games without going insanely bonkers fu**in up games. Problems solved.       World Series  2009. 

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