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If Only If Only...

Now before i start i think i should tell anyone who reads this that I have no illusions that this will ever happen, it wont.  However, this would solve all of The Cubs and isnt an outragous thought if not for the politics of the game.  Trading for Rick Ankiel of the (scary music playing) Cardinals would solve nearly every problem the Cubs have.  Now before u scream of evil and come at me with torches and pitchforks, hear me out.

What are the Cubs biggest need(s) this winter?  In my opinion A left handed power bat for the outfield and bullpen help are the most important needs this offseason.  What is Ankiel?  He is a lefthanded power bat for CENTER fild, not right field.  just having him in CF means that we can move Fukudome back to RF where he is much better defensively.  As far as i can remember (or care to do the research) the only thing keeping us from signing Dunn or Abreu or Ibanez while he was available is the defense which, by having Fukudome back in right, negates that issue.  So we would have an outfield of Soriano/Ankiel/Fukudome which, while not outstanding defensively, is solid even with Soriano's balarina hops.

But how would that help the the bullpen?  Directly it wouldn't.  The Cardinals are looking for pitching, both starting and relief.  I would advocate the trade of Marshal and someone on the line of Wuertz perhaps a little more.  Maybe, knowing the Cards, they would take a repair job such as Hill but i wouldn't bet on it.  So this is actually hurting the bullpen by loosing both a reliable reliever and our most reliable lefty and swingman.  But what this does is free up a lot of cash, not buy trading salery, but by freeing up money that was going to go to a free agent RF.  That money could now go to improving the bullpen.  I advocate signng another lefty such as Joe Beimel and another solid righty such as Juan Cruz.  so lets take a look at what that gives us...


Lineup assuming that Soriano stays in the leadoff:

R  LF  Soriano

R  SS  Theriot

L  CF   Ankiel

R  3B  Ramirez

R   C   Soto

R   1B  Lee

R   2B  DeRosa

L   RF  Fukudome


R  LF  Soriano

L  RF  Fukudome

R  3B  Ramiraz

L  CF   Ankiel

R   C   Soto

R  1B  Lee

R  2B  DeRosa

R  SS  Theriot

If need be, I would trade DeRosa to acquire Ankiel and insert Fontenot into his spot.


And, in my mind, the Bullpen would consist of...







Cotts (ugh...)

while not completely lights out its by no means a liability.  And it still leaves Gaudin and Samardzja as swingmen if/when a starter (yes, thats you Hardin) gets hurt.


However, as I said before, this will never happen.  With the Cubs and Cardinals being rivals and in the same division with both teams able to compete this trade has absolutely no chance of happening.  And if it does i will completely forgive Hendry loosing Wood. (I lied) But this would solve all the problems the Cubs' issus except for a true leadoff man.  The same could be said for a Josh Hamillton trade.  hmmm....

An Easy Fix?

So its finals time for me so I've been very busy lately doing nothing more than looking over the world of baseball gossip.  what I've seen has somewhat sparked my interest, all this crap about the Giants close to signing FA shortstop Edgaar Renteria.  what confusifies me is that they already have first round draft pick Emmanuel Burris waiting in the wings at half the cost, twice the skill and four times the upside.  So to me this makes no sense.  but then I look at the rest of their teem and see that they have no secod basemen who are ready.  What a coincidence!  We have like 9.  so then the gears in my head start to turn and after hours of hard though i think (lightbulb appears) why not trade one of our many secondbasmen to the giants for Burriss.  This can easily benefit both teams.

Cubs:  Burris- a low cost switch hitting leadoff man with doubles power and a high OBP to fill our biggest hole (in my opinion) at SS.  Lose one of our 312 secondbasemen.

Giants:  Theriot- a proven major league hitter entering his prime for a cheap price that is more suited to play 2B than SS anyway with a high OBP and good speed


Fontenot- a reliable lefty bat off the bench or a starting 2B with some pop and a high AVG. and OBP.


DeRosa- proven veteran talent with a power for his position and an ability to get on base.  (won't happen)


I would gladly make this trade, preferably for Theriot as his stock will never be higher, even if i had to throw in a low end prospect to go with it.  This deal would help both teams at a position that they are lacking.  But most importantly this would solve our shortstop/lead off problem without having to spend $12 million on Furcal giving us the ability to spend on right or center field or Peavy.  And if Marquis somehow is gunned down behind an adult book store or even simply traded we could do both.

But for right now, lets just pretend that we traded Theriot for Burriss and called it and offseason.  Useing only what we have now...


Against Righties...

S  SS  Burriss

L  CF  Fukudome

R  3B  Ramirez

R  LF   Soriano

R  C    Soto

R  1B   Lee

R  RF   DeRosa

L   2B   Fontenot



Against Lefties...

S  SS  Burris

L  RF  Fukudome

R  3B  Ramirez

R  LF   Soriano

R  C    Soto

R  1B   Lee

R  2B   DeRosa

R  CF   Johnson


*Fukudome actually hit lefties better than righties last year and even with his suck-ass second half he still kept his OBP above .350 the entire year.

More Ideas...

So recently I've heard that the White Sox are shopping Nick Swisher. The guy is a a career .250 hitter but has 30-40 HR power. This past year he hit hit .219/.332/.411 with 24 HRs. His career average is about .245/.360/.452 with 29 HRs. So in my mind The Sux will be selling low on this one. They also apear to be in need of infield speed which Theriot is. Swisher is a swithch hitter so that could settle our lefty issue but I'm gonna one up you. I've got a more fun scenario...


Cubs let Dempster walk if he doesnt take the 3/36 contract.

Cubs trade The Riot to Sox for Swisher.

Cubs sign Furcal (who is going to test the free agent market) using Dempster's money to fill Theriot's spot at SS.


The Cubs get a true leadoff in Furcal and a legit 30 HR threat in Swisher, both can switch hit.

The Sox get infield speed (whether they keep Theriot at SS or move him 2B) and dump a 3.6 mil contract.


S SS Furcal

R 2B DeRosa

R 3B Ramirez

S RF Swisher

R LF Soriano

R 1B Lee

R C Soto

- CF Johnson/Fukudome

- P ------

Another Idea for a Big Bat.

This is mostly just another idea spinning off my last one that is a little bit less complicated.  As many of us should know, Soriano started his major league career as a second baseman for the Yankees.  However, it seems that we are in the need of a RF.  What could this possibly in common?  Hmmmm, well we do, infact, have a second basemen who can play some right field and a free agent market that seems to be completely stuffed with LFs.  So why dont we move Fukudome to center (as planned), move DeRosa to right, move Soriano to 2B, and sign one of the many LFs to play left.  Again, I would just drool to see Adam Dunn play 81 games in the friendly confines.  once again, imagine...


R  SS  Theriot

L  CF  Fukudome

R  3B  Ramirez

L  LF  Dunn

R  2B  Soriano

R  1B  Lee

R  C   Soto

R  RF  DeRosa

-   P   Pitcher

I Just Been Thinkin'...

So ever since the three games of agony lost to the Dodgers I been thinking about what the Cubs could do to improve upon this already spectacular season (I use spectacular lightly after those three games)  My brains been a turnin' and from what I understand the Cubs need a big, let me rephraise that, BIG left handed bat, preferably in the form of a right fielder in order to move Fukudome to center.  Well, why not Adam Dunn?  STOP!!!  Dont crucify me just yet.  I know the man playes Defense like a Brazilian Street Ho but i think it would work.  Not Dunn in right field but at 1B.  STOP AGAIN!!!  We already have a first baseman in the form of good ol' DP-Lee.  And From what the Grape Vine has told me (we're pretty good friends, me and the grape vine) he's being shopped this year.

Now I know we've looked at a lot of west coast teams like the Angels and Giants but we haven't looked at one team that I find desperate for a first baseman:  The Yankees.  Now i hate the Yankees as much as the next bitter old Cubs Fan but I think it could work.  But what could we get from the Yankees?  Answer:  nothing.  But we could get something from the Twins.  The Twins are reportadly shopping Delmon Young, who I believe is a pretty could athlete and fielder and could easily handle the trechorous Wrigley right field.

If this were to take place (and remember, this rumor only exists in my own twisted mind) i would see a three way trade.  The core of this would be DP-Lee to the Yankees, Robinson Cano to the Twins, Delmon Young to the Cubs.  Now obviously there would have to be more involved. Maybe a Pie to the Yankees, a low level prospect to the Twins and $300 and a warm bucket of spit to the Cubs.  That leaves 1B open and the Cubs could make a move for Dunn (or in my twisted mind, Tex).  Just the thought of Dunn playing 81 games in the Frendly Confines makes me a little light headed.

I really believe this could work for all teams.  The Cubs need an adiquet fielding RF and a big lefty bat (Dunn or Tex.  *drool drool drool*) the Yankees need a 1B and all the cash possible to throw at CC and other starting pitchers and the Twins have a logjam in the OF and need some serious infield help.  Obviously there would need to be more pieces to the puzzle but i think it would work.

just imagine...

R  SS The Riot

L  CF Fukudome

R  3B Ramirez

L  1B Dunn

R  LF Soriano

R  RF Young

R  C Soto

R  2B DeRosa


Note: Fukudome still draws walks like a beast, why not put him in the 2 hole in front of all that power.

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