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Be the GM (part 2)

One of my commenters from my post earlier today went ahead and outlined all the moves he would make for 2009.  Love 'em or hate 'em (hate), I think his premise is a good one - let's some of us blog on out the next few days, set up your Dream 25 for 2009.  You can go whole hog crazy, or you can play it close to the ol' MacFail sweatervest.  Let us know what moves you'd make, and give us your opening day 25. 

I have mine here on the steno pad on my desk.  But I was raised to let my guests have their turn first, before I took mine.  If I brought out a Mr. Freeze for myself, that I needed to bring one for everyone else out there, except for Jeffy.  He's diabetic.  I would just bring him an ice cube.

Please keep in mind some of the guidelines I stuck out there last month.  These things basically still apply.

Can't give you

a 25, but could suggest a plan. Which is more than what I think Hendry has ever done, that is actually have a plan when he signed a free agent or made a trade.

I don't know if the Cubs will ever get ahead of the curve without developing some of their own talent. Yeah it's been great the past few years when the team has finally started spending some of it's millions on big name free agents, but if the Yankees couldn't spend their way to a World Championship, you think Hendry can?

The uncertainty of the team being sold, coupled with the hard economic times delaying the process even further, could give the team some cover over not breaking the bank this year but the no trade contracts only go to show how little flexibility the team has to improve the team without adding even more big free agent contracts.

I don't think the Cubs have much young talent that could land a quality player in return and this is why the team is in the unenviable position of being forced to spend the big money to improve.

The only salary relief that can come in the present payroll, would be for the Cubs to rely on the strongest part of their organization, their young pitchers. It's a gamble for sure, but it would seem to be the only way they can spend what they need to get a quality free agent or two.

Not resigning Dempster and Wood could save the team some $20M and that might just be enough to get some quality balance in that RH dominant lineup and get a legitimate leadoff man.

this is fun!

bring back woody.

theriot, pie, and richy hill for peavy. that has to be enough.

let demp go.

sign furcal.

after all the good starters are signed, move marquis for bullpen help.

rotation: peavy, Z, harden, lilly, marshall/shark/gaudin?.
bullpen: lefthander from marquis move/marshallsharkgaudin/Carlos/K wood
ss furcal
rf derosa
3b ramirez
lf soriano
c soto
1b lee
2b fontenot
cf johnson/fukudome

win the world series.

in all likelihood, cedeno will be moved for peavy instead of theriot, and we will use that money on a right fielder (or 2b) instead of furcal. either way, the NL central is a cakewalk.

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