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Thanks to a tip from intrepid Goat Reader EvBet, I have just discovered that Neifi has been traded (I'm always the last to know) to Detroit for...

who cares?

He could have been traded for a box of Frankenberry cereal and I'd be just as happy, but instead the Cubs got a single A catcher who was a third round draft pick in 2005. Not bad, actually, considering.

If used properly, Neifi could actually help a contender like Detroit and so everyone should be happy. The logjam of crappy infielders is starting to dissolve and the Cubs shed 1.5 2.5 million (even better) worth of deadwood next year. Cheers all around.

The catcher coming to Chicago (or Peoria, I suppose) is Chris Robinson, University of Illinois grad who was batting .288 with 22 doubles in A-ball. Baseball America listed him as the best defensive catcher in Detroit's system, for what that's worth. Hell, I don't care if the Cubs decide to boil him down for pine tar as long as he's not Neifi.

Thanks you, Jim Hendry.

Thank you.


Yep, my Honolulu Jim dashboard figure is just rockin' back and forth. Just a smilin'!


Robinson has been sent to the Daytona Cubs for now. This can be found on MinorLeagueBaseball.com.

Just thought I'd pass along the tip.


As a White Sox fan, I'm hoping Neifi "helps" the Tigers the way he "helped" the Cubs.


A truly great day in Cubs baseball!

Chip Wesley

We got Chris Robinson? Sweet. I love the Black Crowes.


Apparantly this was pretty much a spur-of-the-moment deal, according to the cubs.com article.

Quick link:

There IS a God!

Never thought I would see the day. Goodbye, Neifi. Sorry you didn't get the 700 AB's Dusty wanted you to have. Score 1 for Hendry!!!


my god,dusty must be panicking-he only has 2 second basemen now!
seriously though, it seems as if big jim is starting to show his power again. this might signal the crumbling of the "in dusty we trusty" era.


Somebody needs to do a photoshop on Dusty and how he's coping with his grief. One can only imagine.
As a female fan, I can only mourn the opportunity of seeing Neifi strut around the field with his sexy little pot belly, bubble butt and skinny legs- oh, and that constantly adjusting himself, that was a real turn on too.


I know that everyone is rejoicing becuase of the Neifi trade. Everyone seems so happy to have him off the cubs back. But lets look at this from a different perspective, rather than just from an emotional perspective. The move makes sense for both teams. The Tigers need another infielder with Polanco down with a dislocated shoulder. And the cubs had a surplus of middle infielders, now it will be easier for everyone to get their chances. I also applaud the move not becuase i dont like Neifi but because it makes baseball sense.

Jason R.

Greg -

agreed. As I said, Neifi can acutually help the Tigers. Used properly, he has value at the end of the bench. The Cubs need catching depth in their system, so Robinson will help in this department. Good trade.

The only part I care about is Neifi's absence from the '07 team.

I guess this ends the "That's our Neifi" strips. That's probably for the best.


oh, I don't think there was ever actualy hostility against Neifi. He seems like a fun-loving guy from what I've heard. And he did actually sign my cap for me last year, which I appreciated. He's just one of those dudes that is fun to make fun of, and Dusty really is the one to blame for using him inappropriately. If he'd kept him on the bench we'd probably all be cheering for him, but to continue letting him hit in the two-spot with the OBP....well, really he was just setting Neifi up for all the jokes and fun. And there definitely WAS some kind of unhealthy man-love or whatever it is you guys call it going on there. Anyway, I wish Neifi all the best. And no offence to cinnamondog (cute name, by the way) but we certainly hope he helps the Tigers whup up on Ozzie and his gang of thugs.
we'll miss you Neifi! Who will be the new scapeGOAT now? Only the goatriders know.....


Wait--we *didn't* get a box of Frankenberry cereal after all? Crap. That's disappointing. Because Frankenberry friggin' ROCKS. (I smell a new photoshop.)

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